Price of a walk-in shower

Bathrooms with walk-in showers have become trendy in recent years, and more and more individuals are interested in this new « accessory » to decorate their home. Indeed, an Italian shower brings a touch of modernity, but also aesthetics and amplitude to your bathroom. No more grandmother’s baths and make way for the Roman baths!

But first of all, it is important to know that the installation of an Italian shower will represent a higher budget than a traditional shower . What causes these price differences? What is a walk-in shower made of, and what do its components cost? How much does it cost to install?

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Difference between a classic shower and a walk-in shower

Before visualizing what an Italian shower is made of, it is important to understand what makes it different from a classic shower.

A walk-in shower is characterized by the floor space which is level with the rest of the bathroom. There is therefore no difference between the surface of your bathroom and that of your shower space. The wastewater drainage is brought by a slight slope unrolled over the entire shower space, which guides the water towards the drainage system.

Although very aesthetic, this type of installation involves logistical and installation constraints to be taken into account before starting the installation of your shower. It will be necessary to discuss this with the professional who will take care of the installation.

The different components of a walk-in shower and their price

The walk-in shower is made up of five fundamental elements that will have a direct influence on the price of it:

  • The support where your shower will be installed;
  • The drainage system  ;
  • The walls  ;
  • The shower system  ;
  • The coating .

The choice of materials for each component will have a direct impact on the final cost of your shower. The best way to find out the cost of your shower will be to inquire and request a quote from artisans and professionals in your area. However, here is already something to give you an idea.

The support

An Italian shower is characterized by the fact that it does not have a receiving tray, but is built on the floor. This aesthetic and design detail implies complexity in the installation of your shower.

You will then have two possibilities: the screed or the extremely flat level shower tray . The latter cannot be placed anywhere, and you will therefore have to check with a professional that your bathroom is designed to accommodate this type of shower tray.

In the case of a receiver , you will need to plan a budget of between € 130 and € 500 depending on the model. For the screed , you will need to request a quote from a craftsman in order to have a detailed budget.

Le sol de la douche à l'italienne est à la même hauteur que le sol de la salle de bain.

The evacuation system

There are two drainage systems for an Italian shower: a classic siphon or a channel.

classic siphon is generally much less expensive, its price ranging between 40 € and 80 € . However, you will need to make sure it is wide enough to drain the water well.

If you prefer to opt for a gutter for aesthetic reasons and ease of evacuation, you will need to count between € 300 and € 600 .

The walls

It is not compulsory to install walls for this type of shower. However, for reasons of comfort (water projection, privacy, etc.), this is strongly recommended.

If you choose a PVC or glass model, it costs between 150 and 600 € on average. This price increases if you want a shower door.

The shower system

It is the shower head, but also the plumbing that you will install in your wall. It will cost you between 40 € and 60 € .

The coating

This will depend on your desires and your budget. You can install waxed concrete, mosaic or tile . Obviously, the costs will vary, ranging from 20 € to 150 € per m² depending on the coating you select.

Total cost of a walk-in shower

Depending on the materials and models you choose, the price of your shower can range from € 600 to over € 2,000. Here is the price to be expected depending on the level of quality:

  • Low-end : for a classic shower built with entry-level materials, count between 600 and 800 € .
  • Quality : for a large and durable shower, it takes between 800 and 1,500 € .
  • Top of the range : if you opt for luxury materials and a very high quality shower, it will cost you over € 1,500 .

To this, you will have to add the cost of the installation by a professional , because it is strongly recommended not to attempt to install it yourself.

Le prix d'une douche à l'italienne dépend beaucoup du niveau de qualité que vous voulez.

Installation of an Italian shower

If you decide to install your shower when you build your house or apartment, it will be easier to install it. However, you will need to adapt your bathroom to your Italian shower.

In any case, we recommend that you hire a specialized craftsman who has experience. Indeed, installing an Italian shower requires specific know-how, in particular with regard to the drainage of water and the waterproofing of the installation .

However, a perfect seal is essential for the proper functioning of a walk-in shower. The joints must be impeccable and the slope sufficient to ensure good drainage. In addition, the receiver must be perfectly posed. This is also the case for the coating chosen for the floor, if the shower is decorated. If these are incorrectly installed, your shower will not last long. However, the objective is to guarantee its longevity.

Cost of installing an Italian shower

In view of the complexity of the work necessary to obtain a shower and the various existing options, it is difficult to give a precise cost for the installation of an Italian shower. It is therefore important to get information from several professionals, to request different quotes and to compare the services.

However, be aware that the cost of intervention by a craftsman for the installation of an Italian shower will be between € 250 and € 500 excluding tax . This amount can obviously rise if the craftsman will also take care of the creation and installation of custom models.

Before embarking on the installation of your shower, we advise you to contact a professional to discuss your project. You will be able to see if the conditions allow you to install this type of shower in your home, and which options would best suit your desires, your requirements and your budget.