Price of a veranda

The verandas allow individuals to carry out their activities in the comfort of their indoor accommodation while having the impression of being outside.

Owning a veranda is a real plus in everyday life, because it allows you to increase the brightness of your room while remaining protected from the elements. This external opening will also allow you to increase the value of your property in case you want to sell it.

But what are the existing types of verandas? What are the conditions and factors to take into account before making a choice? And above all, how much does a veranda cost? This article will help you better understand your project and needs. However, do not hesitate to contact professionals to benefit from a quote that exactly matches your situation.

Indeed, it is quite difficult to estimate precisely the price of a veranda, because all projects have their peculiarities. However, on average, a veranda with an area of ​​around 20m² costs between € 5,000 and € 30,000 depending on requirements . Quotes are therefore the only way to have a more precise idea of ​​the price of your project.

In addition, before you start, know that if the size of your veranda is not greater than 20m², a declaration of work will be sufficient. On the other hand, beyond this surface area, you will have to request a building permit from your town hall.

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Factors influencing the price of a veranda

But why is the budget range for a veranda so wide? To calculate or estimate the final cost of your veranda, you will need to take several factors into account.

The land to build

Depending on the location you have chosen to install your veranda, some elevation or earthworks may be necessary to prepare the ground upstream.

If so, then you will need to consider this step in your overall budget. It is important to know that you cannot build a veranda on ground that is not stable and prepared, as the weight of the infrastructure is too heavy to support.

The size and shape of the veranda

As with many constructions, the cost of making your veranda will be calculated in square meters. Logically, the larger it is, the more expensive it will be.

But its design and shape will also influence its price. Usually a veranda takes the form of a fairly simple rectangular block, but any shape is possible. You can therefore have it built according to your desires and fancies. However, the less conventional the shape and the more complex the construction, the more expensive your veranda will be .

Le forme de la véranda influe aussi sur son prix.

The material of the structure

The material of your porch framing is the main factor in its final cost . The choice of material should only be made after having thoroughly analyzed your needs and your project. Indeed, there are many options and each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

Here are the different existing materials, from the cheapest to the most expensive.


It is an advantageous material because it is practical and economical. Indeed, it is easy to maintain and resistant . However, it cannot be used for large surfaces or load-bearing profiles. We can say that it is the ideal material for small budgets .

For a PVC veranda, count between € 500 and € 1000 per m² . For a 20m² PVC veranda, you should plan between € 10,000 and € 15,000.


This material is ideal because it is very resistant and malleable . It therefore makes it possible to create large structures with specific designs .

However, aluminum is not a good insulator if the joints are not well made. If you want a veranda with glazing that will allow you to actually create thermal insulation, you will need to pay attention to this detail during construction.

For an aluminum veranda, count between 900 € and 1,100 € per m² . A 20m² veranda project will represent a budget of between € 18,000 and € 22,000.


It is a noble material and a great choice for a conservatory. It is naturally insulating , which will make it the most efficient for this type of construction. In addition, in terms of design and shapes, you can consider everything, because it is a very resistant material . It is therefore perfectly indicated for large surfaces or load-bearing profiles.

On the other hand, you will have to think about its regular maintenance if you want your veranda to last. For example, it is important to treat it every two to three years.

For a wooden veranda, count between € 800 and € 1,700 per m² . A 20m² wooden veranda will cost between € 16,000 and € 34,000.

Wrought iron or steel

These two materials are the most aesthetic for a veranda. They are ideal for giving an industrial style to your extension. Regarding resistance, iron or steel are solid materials allowing the realization of verandas of all sizes with supporting profiles.

However, they are not very efficient in terms of insulation . If you opt for this type of material, you will therefore have to think about a compensation system for the insulation of your veranda. In addition, you will have to take corrosion into account and it will therefore be necessary to provide the treatments adapted to this type of veranda.

For a steel or wrought iron veranda, count between € 2,000 and € 2,500 per m² . A 20m² veranda will cost between € 40,000 and € 50,000.


The windows of your veranda are the second largest expenditure in your veranda budget. Again, depending on the goal you give to this new room, you will need to choose the correct type of glazing. Depending on the insulation you are looking for, you can opt for single, double or triple glazing.

Double glazing is the standard choice . It will provide you with good insulation.

The layout

If we decide to install a veranda, it is because we have a very specific plan to use the space in general. Thus, it will be imperative to think about the final arrangement.

In particular, you will have to make a choice regarding the installation of the flooring . But, depending on the use you will make of it, you will also need to provide an electrical installation or a water supply .

These details should be provided to the craftsman who will do the assembly, because they must be taken into account from the estimate.

Finishing work and maintenance

Depending on the materials used to create your veranda, there may be additional maintenance and treatment costs.

These costs are minimal compared to the rest of the project. However, finishing work should not be neglected, especially when it comes to treating wood or iron. Indeed, these two materials degrade over time and are subject to corrosion. You can simply apply a special paint treatment. It will protect verandas sensitive to this type of problem.

Dans le budget d'une véranda, il faut aussi penser aux coûts de finition.

Cost of laying a veranda

Setting up a veranda will require you to call in a construction professional. Indeed, it is not an easy operation and it requires to have very specific tools and know-how. Calling on a professional mason will allow you to guarantee the correct installation of the structure, but also of all the connections and necessary connections.

In general, if you hire a craftsman from the start, the cost of installation will be taken into account in the estimate. Depending on the difficulty of the construction and the details to be put in place, in general the cost of installation by a professional is around € 60 to € 300 per m² . This price will allow you to ensure the quality of the construction, but also its completion in a reasonable time.

If you decide to hire a professional only for the installation, you may be offered an hourly rate which will be between € 25 and € 50 per hour. However, be aware that this hourly rate is not to your advantage, as the number of hours required can quickly increase. In this case, choose a full package.

Veranda in kit, prefabricated or made-to-measure

There are three types of veranda. Depending on the version you choose, the price of the pose will change.

Kit veranda

these verandas are economical, small in size and easy to install . They are available in PVC and aluminum and you will be able to assemble them yourself. This will save you the cost of installation and lower your budget even further.

You can find models from 3,000 € . On the other hand, for this price, the insulating performance and the resistance of your veranda will be lower. They can be useful for shelters or summer space that will not have insulation problems.

Prefabricated veranda

These are the most common verandas. Their shape and size correspond to standard cubes. These standards will limit installation costs , because they are made for simple constructions.

Custom veranda

This type of veranda is made for those whose design and shape do not fit into the proposals of the prefabricated ones. Depending on the complexity of the construction, they can cost 20% to 60% more than a conventional veranda .

In conclusion, budgeting for a porch will depend on a lot of factors. Find out more from professionals and specialized supermarkets. Talk to the specialists for advice and compare the different quotes before making your decision.