Price of a swimming pool liner

The pool liner is a more or less thick layer that is applied to the bottom and sides of the pool. This cover, which looks like a glued tarpaulin in some cases, is necessary to allow the total waterproofing of the basin . This step is therefore very important in the construction or renovation of your swimming pool.

The liner has the advantage of being able to adapt to all types of pools. In addition, you will have the choice between several options, both in terms of materials and colors.

Since this layer is the first defense against leaks, it is essential to opt for a good quality liner that will last as long as possible. To choose your liner, you will need to consider the material, thickness, treatment required and the characteristics of your pool.

So how much does a liner cost? What are the different options that exist? And what are they worth? Here’s something to help you see more clearly

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Le liner est un élément indispensable lors de la construction d'une piscine.

The different types of liner and their price

Liners can be made of different materials, each with its own characteristics. These will help you choose the one that best suits your pool and your habits. Here are the different existing materials and their price, which varies greatly from one material to another.


The majority of current liners are made of PVC. It is an effective plastic material that will offer you good resistance , in particular to ensure the waterproofing of your pool floor.

If you have children or if your pool is at risk of being hit, you can choose reinforced PVC . These are two layers of flexible PVC to which a polyester fiber structure is attached. It is therefore thicker than the classic liner , but it is also more resistant . In general, it is also treated to limit the proliferation of algae. In addition, it can be subjected to an anti-UV treatment to prevent it from yellowing if your pool is too exposed to the sun. Thus, the reinforced PVC liner is suitable for swimming pools with frequent use, where the sun shines all day and where water care products are more aggressive.

Although this option can last about fifteen years, it is recommended that you change your liner every ten years. This will ensure maximum sealing.

In terms of price, it takes between 40 € and 100 € per m² for a reinforced PVC liner. The budget depends on the quality of the liner and the type of pool.


Unlike the PVC liner, the polyester liner is applied in several superimposed layers, to which a final color, called a “gel coat”, is then added. It is the color of this special resin that will give the final color of your pool.

This type of liner should be treated with care . Indeed, some cleaning products are too aggressive for this material, and should therefore be avoided. In addition, it is important not to completely empty the pool so as not to dry out the polyester liner. Finally, the PH level should be measured regularly so that it is not too high, which could also damage the liner.

Note that the polyester liner must be applied by a professional, because it requires special tools and know-how. There are two techniques for applying the polyester liner: by hand and by machine. Machine application is faster, but we recommend the manual technique. Indeed, although longer, its application is more efficient.

Regarding the price, a polyester liner costs on average between 40 € and 80 € per m² .

Mosaic or tiling

If you want to give your pond a more elegant side , you can install a mosaic liner. It is a tile made of small pieces laid next to each other.

This type of liner is very durable and will not move over the years, unlike a traditional liner with 10 years of lifespan. However, it takes the longest to set up, and its installation must be carried out by an experienced craftsman.

Its price depends directly on the type of tile you want to use to cover the bottom of your pool. For example, if you choose ceramics , it takes 10 € to 70 € per m² on average. If you prefer to use glass paste , the result will be more interesting, but also more expensive. Indeed, in this case, you will have to spend between 40 € and 100 € per m² .

Le liner en mosaïque est le plus résistant.

As you can see, the base material of the liner is the main factor in estimating the total budget. However, it is not the only factor to take into account in estimating the price. When you ask for quotes or go for information, you will also have to take into account the size of your pool and its design. The larger the pool or the more complex its architecture, the more expensive the liner will be. In addition, the price also varies depending on the type of pool you have (above-ground or in-ground).

Which liner should I choose for my swimming pool?

You will have to select your liner according to the type of pool you have, but also according to the use you make of it.

If you have an inground pool , which has standard dimensions and design , you will have the option of purchasing a ready-to-install liner . Its cost will vary between 10 € and 40 € per m² depending on the coating, thickness and finishes you have chosen.

If you have a swimming pool with unusual architecture or standards, you will need to purchase a custom liner . You will therefore need to contact a professional and they will offer you a model specially designed for you. Obviously, this customization implies an increase in price compared to a standard liner. In general, it will take between 25 € and 50 € per m² . This represents an average total cost of € 2,000 excluding installation.

If you have an above-ground pool , the price of your liner will be more affordable. Indeed, generally, these swimming pools respect standard dimensions and it is therefore possible to find liners at attractive prices. To give you an idea, an above-ground pool liner costs between € 150 and € 500 . It all depends on the brand of it.

Laying the liner

Why call on a professional?

Unless you are in the industry yourself, have installation experience and have the tools you need, we do not recommend trying to install the liner yourself. Indeed, the installation and the attachment of the liner on the walls of the swimming pool require a very technical assembly and require a perfect fixing to ensure the tightness.

However, the life of a liner depends directly on the quality of the coating. It is therefore strongly recommended to hire a professional to assemble the liner. He will be able to advise and guide you. In addition, you will be guaranteed a job well done and you will not waste time.

Obviously, this pose has a cost that will have to be taken into account when making your budget. It is not easy to estimate the price of an installation, because it will depend directly on the type of liner, its dimensions and the complexity of your pool. In general, the more time the craftsman will spend to install your liner, the higher the installation price will be.

La pose du liner est une opération très technique, et il est donc vivement recommandé de faire appel à un professionel.

The cost of installation

The best way to know the price of installing a liner is to request a quote from several professionals. This will allow you to quietly compare the offers and choose the one that suits you best.

However, to give you an idea, the installation of a liner by a professional costs on average between 500 € and 1,200 € . This price is valid for the installation of a new liner .

If you are renewing your liner , the cost will be different. Indeed, when changing the liner, two additional steps must be added: the removal of the old liner and all the old fixing points, then the repair of the existing masonry and its complete cleaning. It is only after that that the professional craftsman can proceed to the specific steps of installing the new liner. This additional work is long but it is important because it will prevent the previous degradations from affecting the new liner. However, this will involve an additional expense of € 1,000 on average . The cost of the renovation will therefore often exceed 2,000 €.

Whatever the case, take the time to study the different proposals that the craftsmen and pool professionals will present to you. Don’t hesitate to chat with them, explain your use of your pool and ask for advice. It is preferable to consult several professionals in order to be sure to find the service and the price that suits you best.

Finally, don’t forget that choosing a quality liner will guarantee your peace of mind for the next 10 or 20 years . In this case, it is better to spend a little more now and have the assurance of a job well done, rather than having to start all over again in a few years following a bad choice.