Price of a sliding door

The sliding door is a simple and ingenious system that creates a separation between two spaces. This is a door that slides along a rail, which will therefore open against the wall. Normally the rail is located on the top of the door. On the lower part, there is a guide that allows it not to go out of its way.

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Advantages and disadvantages of a sliding door

This system is more and more widespread in housing because it has several advantages:

  • A modern look : the installation will give a trendy and fashionable style to your interior.
  • Space saving : due to sliding along a wall, you recover the clearance space, normally used for opening and closing a traditional door. This may give you a greater sense of space.
  • Low cost : depending on the options you choose, it is possible to get a sliding door at a much more economical price than a traditional door.
  • Easy installation ;
  • Freedom of movement : unlike a traditional door which remains visible and inconvenient when opened, the sliding door can be forgotten thanks to its alignment with the wall.
  • Easy customization : you can choose the style and color of your door, but also its dimensions. It will also be much easier to adapt a door on a rail to your dimensions than to fit a door with a special size on conventional hinges.

However, before you start buying your door, consider the following two points:

  • Insulating a space separated by a sliding door will be less effective. This is especially true for sound insulation. It is therefore recommended not to install a sliding door in bedrooms, for example.
  • Since your door will follow the alignment of your wall, it will need to be completely clear. This means that you will not be able to decorate it or install a connection or radiator on it, for example.

Les portes coulissantes ont plusieurs avantages. Elles offrent notamment un look moderne à une pièce.

Cost of a sliding door

The price of your door will depend on several factors:

  • The width of your door ;
  • The material : wood, PVC, aluminum, mixed with glass, …
  • The rail : visible or semi-hidden (covered by a box);
  • The accessories : lock, shock absorbers, casters, …

It is possible to buy an inexpensive sliding door by opting for a pre-painted model. You will save on the installation by a specialist and it is just necessary to repaint it in the colors that suit your home. You will easily find these doors in major DIY stores. They are sold  from 50 € , to which you will have to add the price of the rail and accessories if necessary.

Other sliding door models cost from $ 200 to over $ 1,000 on average.

In addition, you will need between 200 and 300 € additional to have your door installed by a craftsman . The best way to know the detailed price of your door will be to request several quotes from specialized craftsmen in order to compare prices and services.

The different materials

For your sliding door, you will have the choice between different materials: wood, glass, aluminum and PVC. The material chosen will have a direct influence on the final cost.

Wooden doors

Les portes coulissantes en bois amènent un look classique.

These are the most classic sliding doors and those that we find traditionally. They allow you to keep the appearance of a classic door while having the advantages of the sliding door.

You can find it in different types of wood: solid, veneered or lacquered. It also brings a wide range of prices. Depending on your choice, it will take from 200 € to 500 € on average, or even more for the best types of wood.

Glass doors

Les portes coulissantes en verre sont très tendance.

It is a modern and design model , which has the advantage of allowing light to pass through. This type of door is therefore ideal for contemporary interiors. However, take into account the weight of the glass, which will require you to install a special rail.

Because of this, it usually costs more than $ 500 .

Aluminum doors

The aluminum door has the advantage of being very light and is generally a high end door . It will therefore be necessary to pay more than 600 € for this type of partition.

PVC doors

The PVC door has two advantages: it is strong and affordable in terms of price . You will need to count between 300 € and 400 € for a door of this type.

The accessories

To be able to install your door, you will also need to acquire the necessary elements for its installation: a rail and a brake (mandatory), but also a handle and, according to your wishes and needs, a lock and a porthole.

For a basic and economical installation, you can go and buy an installation kit from a DIY store.

If you take the items separately, you will need to plan for the following prices:

  • The rails : you need two, one on the upper part and one on the lower part. Count from 50 € to 150 € depending on the model and the covering.
  • The brakes : they are used to offer a soft closing. It takes from 5 € to 20 € per piece.

In order to have a more precise idea that corresponds more exactly to your needs, do not hesitate to contact a craftsman or a company near you for a personalized estimate. This will allow you to compare the different benefits and find the one that suits you best.

Why call a professional for your canopy or sliding door?

If today you have made up your mind to have a sliding door or a glass roof installed, then we can only recommend that you call on a professional in the field for which it is the trade. Indeed, if today you want a good quality custom interior design for your main home , then calling on a glass roof manufacturer and a craftsman to install it later is essential.

There are many brands on the market that offer canopies at all prices, including a very famous manufacturer who is located in Paris in Île-de-France and which is still very popular today on forums and related social networks. to interior decoration. For all those who have rooms that they consider too dark today, their canopies are excellent opportunities to give a lot more light to a room such as a large living room for example. But for some professionals who live in large open spaces , it is also a good way to have visibility on the outside, whether you are in the countryside or even in the city in the heights of a capital for example. .