Price of a skylight

The skylight, or roof frame, brings a lot of light to a room. There are several types and levels of ranges, which varies its price.Do you want light and clarity? Do you have a room under the roof, and you want to let in some sun? One of the options available to you is the creation of a roof frame.

The roof frame, more often called « Velux », is an opening made in a roof to allow better ventilation and the passage of light . Indeed, as the name of the Danish brand suggests ( ve = ventilation and lux = light in Latin), you can easily open this window to ventilate your room. You can also install a blind or a shutter to control the brightness.

Le velux est une grande source de luminosité.

Before you start head first in its installation, it is useful to know what are the different prices of a skylight and what is the cost of its installation. We go over all of that in this article.

Immediately obtain several free quotes for the installation of a skylight and compare them

What influences the price of a skylight?

As with many products related to construction and housing, you will find very wide price ranges ranging from 100 to over 1000 € . So what are the important points to take into account before choosing your Velux and which will influence its price?

We can name mainly five:

  • The dimensions of your window;
  • The type and mode of opening;
  • The finishes: wood or polyurethane;
  • Waterproofing;
  • Thermal insulation.

The dimensions

The dimensions of your window will obviously have a direct influence on its price.

It should be noted, however, that roof frames exist in standardized sizes , which facilitates their production and therefore lowers prices. So find out about these sizes before deciding on your window size.

The type and method of opening

You will then have to choose between the different types of openings . There are three:

  • Side opening : the window is hinged on the side and opens like a conventional window . For this type of frame, the opening is manual so the window cannot be placed very high. It takes between 120 and 300 € for this type of skylight.
  • Opening by projection : it is the same system as the previous one, but with hinges on the upper part. The opening is therefore vertical and of great amplitude. For this one, the prices can go up to 700 € .
  • The rotation : the hinges are located three quarters of the window on each side. Care must be taken, as this opening encroaches slightly on the interior of the room. The advantage of this model is that its opening can be motorized or programmed . It is therefore ideal for attics or in rooms with high ceilings. It takes between 120 and 1700 € for this type of chassis.

The velux range: Finishes, insulation and waterproofing

Finally, one last important point to take into account to know the price of your Velux, it will be the range of it. This includes finishes, insulation, waterproofing, and even security.

Le prix d'un velux varie notamment selon sa gamme.

There are three ranges of roof frames: standard, comfort and full comfort . Depending on the standard you want to give your windows, you will have to adapt your budget. But the reverse is also valid: according to your budget, you will have to adapt your standing!

For example, if you choose a small frame window (55x78cm), the price could go from 165 € to 285 € if it is a standard, comfort or all comfort range. For a large skylight (134x140cm), its cost will be between 360 and 565 €. In general, it is estimated that the comfort range will be 35% more expensive than comfort, and that all comfort will cost 25% more than comfort.

How do you know which range is right for you? The difference will be seen in the thermal finishes and in terms of safety . Here are some details about each range to help you:

  • Standard : the windows are fitted with 24 mm thick double glazing. Their insulation is rather thermal and will be particularly effective against the cold . They have a thermal classification of type A.
  • Comfort : the windows are also equipped with double glazing, but laminated 25mm thick. This allows them to have effective thermal insulation against both cold and heat . For this reason, they are classified A + thermally.
  • All Comfort : this last category has double-glazed laminated windows 27mm thick in summer and winter. This increases security and prevents burglaries. They are made for thermal insulation from cold and heat (A +), but also offer sound insulation since the sound of rain is halved. Thanks to this better insulation, you save energy .

The installation of the velux

Regarding the cost of installing your roof frame, you will have two options.

If you are well equipped, have experience, a good DIY basics and the tools to grind, drill and fix, then you can do it yourself.

However, if your experience and equipment is limited to assembling a piece of furniture from a famous Swedish brand, then turn to a professional.

Indeed, the installation of a roof window can be a delicate operation , in particular as regards the sealing thereof. First, you have to cut out the corresponding space in your roof, that is to say cut out tiles or equivalent and remove the existing insulation. Then, you have to adjust your new window and ensure that its installation is waterproof. This is necessary so as not to compromise the insulation and allow leaks to pass.

So if you don’t feel up to the task, it’s best to contact a professional carpenter. Do not hesitate to contact several of them and to ask for quotes in order to compare the prices. Depending on the size of your skylight and the difficulty of its installation, the installation with a professional will cost you between 200 and 1000 € .

You will even be able to get a better price for the purchase of your chassis if you decide to go through a professional when you hire him for its installation, instead of buying the chassis on your side.

Before buying your new velux window, therefore, go see several sellers and ask them for quotes according to the different options you consider in terms of ranges, types of openings, direct purchase price or from a craftsman and, well heard, installation.