Price of a shell pool

Spring is here, the birds are singing and the sun is finally coming out to warm us up from winter. All this surely makes you think of what you will be doing this summer! Why not enjoy your new swimming pool? Imagine sunbathing on a mattress cradled by the lapping water in your pool. It is desirable, no ?

Avoir une piscine chez soi, ça fait rêver.

But before you get there, you will need to buy and build your pool. There are different models, between above ground, semi-buried and buried. Let’s be realistic: what makes us dream are the “real” swimming pools, those which are definitive. What makes us dream, therefore, are the underground swimming pools.

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What are the advantages of monohull swimming pools?

If you don’t have the budget or the inclination to do a lot of work to install a masonry pool, monohull pools are for you! These have a lot of advantages:

  • A wide variety of shapes and colors : between round, oval, square and all other types, you have access to a wide range of swimming pools. There is no doubt that you will be able to satisfy your desires!
  • Quick and easy installation : a monohull pool is much easier to install than a masonry pool. Depending on the size of your model and your terrain, installation typically takes 3 to 6 days.
  • Care and cleaning : polyester is a material that does not allow dirt to settle easily. Regular cleaning is therefore simplified and requires much less maintenance products. The topcoat, known as the “gel coat”, should only be renewed every 10 years.
  • Affordable cost  : its cost is much lower than that of a traditional swimming pool, called masonry. It takes between € 6,000 and € 25,000 for a monohull swimming pool, with an average price hovering around € 15,000.

La piscine coque présente un grand nombre d'avantages.

What can influence the price of a monocoque swimming pool?

Despite these attractive prices, there are factors that could cause the cost of installing a monohull pool to drop from one to three times. Before embarking on your project, do not hesitate to ask for quotes from various professionals to find out the cost of it.

To give you an idea, here are several factors that could greatly influence the final price of your pool:

  • The material used for the shell : polyester (or vinyl ester) is cheaper than acrylic or ceramic. However, note that these are more resistant and durable.
  • The dimensions of the pool : of course, the larger your pool, the higher its price.
  • The shape of the pool : the shells are prefabricated and some shapes are more complex to make than others. To adjust your cost, several details will have to be taken into account. These include the shape, depth and stairs.
  • The work necessary for the preparation of the ground : these must be done by professionals, because they require experience and specific machinery. Depending on the complexity of the terrain, it will take between 15,000 and 30,000 € for earthworks, backfilling and connections.
  • Transport and delivery of the hull : when you order your pool, make sure that the land hosting the pool is accessible by a crane truck. Otherwise, you may need to order a helicopter for delivery. This would significantly increase the price of your pool!
  • The purchase option : this defines what will be covered by the pool specialist and could lead you to purchase additional products or services.

In order to properly assess the total amount and calculate the budget necessary for the realization of your swimming pool, you will therefore have to think of all the details before purchasing your shell . For example, you will have to think about the location of the filter, because after purchasing your model, changes would be very expensive, if possible.

In addition, you should know that the installation of a shell pool is a lasting modification of your home or land. This will therefore lead to a change in taxation ! Think about it beforehand and factor it into your budget.

What are the proposed installation formulas?

Now that you are aware of the importance of planning your project, you must think about the installation formulas that will be offered to you by your pool specialist. Generally, you will have the choice between three formulas:

  • The « Ready to dive » : this is the turnkey option . You take care of writing the check and the builder takes care of everything, from the preparation of the ground to the installation of the copings, including the backfill. This option will be the most expensive, but will give you peace of mind.
  • The « Semi-kit » : in this situation, the builder takes care of the delivery, the installation of the swimming pool and the basic equipment . At your expense, there will be the earthworks, the backfilling and the connection of your swimming pool. A little cheaper, this option can be interesting if you know a professional who can take care of these last details.
  • The « Kit » : in the case of this formula, the manufacturer is only responsible for the delivery and installation of the hull in the customer’s garden. The rest, that is to say the earthworks, the backfill, the equipment for the connection and the filtrations, the copings and all the other details, are the responsibility of the customer.

What is the price of a shell pool?

Keeping the previous explanations in mind, here are the prices for each option:

  • polyester shell swimming pool : between 6,000 and 25,000 €
  • The swimming pool with the “ Ready to dive ” option : from € 15,000
  • The one with the “ Half-kit ” option : from 8,000 €
  • The one with the  » Kit  » option : from € 6,000

Le prix d'une piscine coque varie de 6000 à 25.000€.

Some additional details to take into account …

The shell pool is a simple and practical solution to set up . Available at an affordable cost, it will not fail to provide your home with a luxury accessory. In addition, if installed by an experienced professional, the work can be completed quickly, in just a few days.

However, as we said, it’s important to take the time to visualize your entire project . This will allow you to anticipate and plan your budget as well as possible.

First of all, think about the legislation for construction . In particular, you will need a building permit and a declaration of works if your pool is more than 1m high and 20m². Also take into account that, in the long term, your taxation will change. So anticipate your future taxes.

Also consider safety legislation , such as the anti-drowning law. This will require you to install a more or less expensive device in order to comply with the standards in force to avoid accidents.

As we have said, the budget for a shell pool varies between 6,000 and 25,000 €. This depends in particular on the options you choose, the condition of your land and the work required for the installation.

In order to make the right choice, both in terms of budget and project, it is important to be well informed before buying. It is also recommended to compare the different quality / price ratios that will be offered to you by the pool specialists. Do not hesitate to ask for several quotes and several opinions before you start!