Price of a satellite dish

If you have reception problems or want to receive more channels, you will probably need to install a satellite dish in your home. Indeed, a satellite dish allows you to increase the reception capacities of your television. This is particularly necessary if you live in a “technological desert” type area.

Depending on its range and power, you can receive many more channels than the conventional channels of the TNT bouquet, and you can receive channels in HD.

Above all, it is essential to inform yourself to make the right choice and anticipate the budget to be planned. To know the final cost of your dish, you will have to take into account two factors: the price of the antenna itself and the cost of its installation.

Immediately obtain several free quotes for the installation of a satellite dish

Parabola price

The price range for this type of antenna is very wide. Indeed, it is possible to buy satellite dishes in a price range from 25 € to 800 €. But where does this price difference come from?

Three factors have a direct influence on the price of the antenna: the size of the dish, the range of the receiving signal and the material .

Le prix d'une parabole peut varier énormément selon le modèle.

The different levels of quality

We can classify parables according to their quality.

First, there is the entry level . It costs between € 25 and € 80 . For this price, you will get a dish with few qualities: its reception will be short range and its performance will be poor. In this category, the cheapest and most classic dishes are fixed dishes. These dishes are ideal as a replacement for a rake antenna if your TV reception is not strong enough.

Next comes the midrange . In this category, you will find antennas between 80 € and 200 € . These are the ones with the best quality / price ratio . In general, reception is good and suitable for the most common uses, such as quality channel reception. In this category, we find motorized parabolas . These have a motor used to orient the head so as to be able to pass from one satellite to another. This capacity makes it possible to considerably increase the number of channels available, not only at the level of French channels, but also at the level of foreign channels.

Finally, there is the top of the range or the “Rolls-Royce” of the satellite dish. Parables in this category are priced over 200 € . Their performance, such as reception quality and range amplitude, is excellent. However, unless you have very specific needs , it may not be necessary to invest so much in your dish.

The different materials

Besides the size and range of the signal, the material is also an important criterion to take into account. This must be chosen according to climatic and geographical conditions. Here are the different materials that exist for a dish:

  • Aluminum : these dishes have the advantage of being light and of little oxidization. However, they will be sensitive to strong winds and can even go so far as to bend.
  • Steel : steel dishes are very resistant to the wind, but are fragile in the face of a corrosive atmosphere such as that of the seaside.
  • Composite : these dishes have the advantage of being wind resistant and not rusting. But they are heavier, and perhaps a little less efficient.

Le matériau de la parabole doit être choisi en fonction des conditions météo.

Installation of a satellite dish

Once you have chosen the dish that best suits your needs, you will need to install it.

If you are not used to tinkering and doing electrical installations, we recommend that you bring in a professional. Indeed, mounting a satellite dish can involve a dangerous situation like climbing on a roof, but it also requires certain know-how to correctly connect the antenna to your electrical installation.

In addition, it requires a little technicality to ensure perfect reception. In certain cases, for example for parabolas with a large diameter, the adjustment must be extremely fine, because the hook angle of the signals is all the more restricted.

If you decide to hire a professional, do not hesitate to request several detailed quotes. It is important to compare the prices and the services included in the price in order to be sure that you do not have additional costs.

There are two types of installation rate : a service rate or an hourly rate.

Package at the service

For fixed price installation, the price range for a professional installer will range from € 150 to € 300 . The price varies in particular according to the complexity of the assembly and the number of televisions to be connected.

Please note, in general the packages only include :

  • The workforce ;
  • The installation of the antenna on the roof;
  • The orientation of this to obtain a good reception;
  • The setting of your television.

The purchase of equipment for the connection is generally not included in the initial estimate. In this case, you will have to take it into account as an additional cost.

Hourly rate

If you opt for an hourly installation, be aware that the hourly rate is generally high. There are several reasons for this: setting up an antenna is a task that requires technical skills as well as work at height, and professionals specialized in this type of installation are qualified. Thus, a specialist in parabolic reception will bill on average between 30 and 50 € per hour .

However, it is not common to hire an installer for an hourly installation. If you are offered both options, always prefer a fixed-price installation after a detailed estimate. This will allow you to avoid unpleasant surprises and last-minute additional costs.

Finally, be aware that there is also the possibility of only hiring a professional for the adjustment of your dish if you have the possibility of having a free installation. In this case, the service is billed between € 100 and € 150.