Price of a new house

From the price of the land and its servicing to the materials and providers, there are many criteria to be taken into account when calculating the price to plan for building your own house. We help you see it clearly and we give you the average price per m² according to different criteria.

Deciding to build your own house is everyone’s dream. Entering a space that we have thought of and defined by our desires and needs is priceless. Or rather, yes, he has one. And if you don’t think about it beforehand, the bill could be steep!

Indeed, having a new house built is a project that requires a high budget, of at least 100,000 € on average . It is therefore generally necessary to seek financing. Such an investment then forces you to think from the start of the idea of ​​anything that could increase the amount of the final invoice.

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Building a new house: what are the advantages?

Such a project has several advantages.

First of all, you will have complete freedom of choice , both in terms of the building and the land on which you want to raise it. Your house will therefore be totally in your image and will reflect your ideas and dreams. You can imagine and customize everything, whether it is the shape of your house, the exterior rendering of the facade, the number and arrangement of the rooms or the choice of construction materials. There are no limits, except the standards in force in the region where you will be building. This is surely the most important advantage. If you need help with this, you can be guided by an architect or choose your accommodation from a catalog.

Construire sa propre maison offre une totale liberté dans le choix des plans et de l'agencement.

Another significant advantage: when your house is delivered to you , you can move in directly, turnkey . Indeed, you will not have any renovation work to plan, since your house will have been prepared according to your tastes. This will have an impact on the aesthetic side, but also on safety and comfort.

Also, it is obvious that when you build your home, you avoid possible unpleasant surprises due to the age of the house that you would not have seen during visits. Here, everything is new and in perfect working condition .

Finally, it is sometimes cheaper to build your own house than to buy an old house. For example, by having your home built, you will limit the notary fees because they will only be calculated on the price of your land. In addition, thanks to technological advances, your future home will benefit from good insulation and will already be brought up to standard. This will make it less energy intensive and your expenses will be lower than those of a home already built.

Factors influencing the price of a house

To calculate the total cost of your home, you will need to take a lot of factors into consideration. Here are the main factors and an estimate of the price to expect.

The price of the land

That’s a big chunk of the budget, and it will depend heavily on the region where you want to build. It is therefore important to find out about the market prices of the geographical area that interests you.

You generally need to plan on around 65 € per m², but this can increase very quickly .

The development of the land

Before even building or thinking about it, you will have to make your land viable. This consists of connecting it to the various networks , such as water, gas, sanitation, electricity and road access, in order to be able to live there.

For this operation, it takes on average between 5,000 € and 15,000 € .

Le terrain où construire sa maison représente un certain budget, pour l'achat mais aussi pour sa viabilisation.

The surface of the house

The larger a house, the more expensive it is to build. This makes perfect sense, as it requires more materials.

In addition, if you want to build a house with a large area, you must necessarily call an architect.

The method of construction of the house

This is where your budget will come into play, because a kit house is much cheaper than a house built and / or designed by an architect.

Obviously, each option has its limits. For example, a kit house is more limited in terms of customization.


The cost of labor by a builder or an architect may change significantly. It is therefore always recommended to compare construction quotes upstream.

Construction materials and exterior finishes

The quality of the materials used clearly influences the budget. Thus, a timber frame house is less expensive than a concrete house. Likewise, the choice you make regarding your roof or facade cladding has an impact on your budget.

Interior finishes

Interior and exterior cladding and other finishes have a certain weight on the final budget. Obviously, the more luxurious your decorative taste, the more expensive the house will be.

The price per m² of your house

Once you know the price of your land and have inquired about the cost of servicing the land and insurance, it remains for you to calculate the cost of the construction itself.

This cost depends on several factors :

  • The region ;
  • Compliance with standards;
  • The materials used;
  • The style of your home;
  • The constructor.

Le prix de la construction d'une maison dépend de plusieurs facteurs, dont les prestataires et les matériaux utilisés.

The constructor

As with any job, an effective way to reduce construction costs is to take care of certain things yourself.

The most economical solution is the kit house . You can find them at prices around € 1,000 per m² . Be careful with this type of construction, however, because they will not necessarily be of high quality.

Another economical option is self-construction . If you are experienced in the business and especially if you have the time, this option may come back to you inexpensively. Indeed, for a house of around one hundred square meters, the cost is estimated at around 850 € per m² .

If it is not possible for you to build your house yourself, you will need to hire a builder or architect . The builder’s option is the most economical, as builders can afford economies of scale on materials and labor. On the contrary, the services of an architect will increase the bill by about 10% on the cost of your home.

The materials

The cost of your home will also largely depend on the materials you choose.

For example, for an entry-level house , that is to say in a kit or in wood, you will have to think about spending around € 1,000 per m² . However, the materials may not be very strong and your investment could cost you more in the long run.

For a mid-range house , that is to say masonry and generally bought from a catalog, it will take around 1,500 € per m² .

Finally, if you prefer a house with top-of-the-range and tailor-made finishes , you will have to break the bank: the cost of these accommodations is estimated at around € 2,000 per m² . Obviously, for this budget, your home will be totally personalized and will reflect your tastes.

Final tips

As you have seen, estimating the price of a new home is not easy. There are a lot of very different factors to take into account that can cause the budget to change from single to double. This is why the reflection and analysis phase is essential in the process of building your house.

It is also essential to research the market prices in the area where you will want to build your home. This will allow you to engage in the purchase of land knowingly, both economically and on the standards and restrictions in force in the region.

Finally, even if you want to do some work yourself, we recommend that you check with different builders to benefit from their advice and guidance. Do not hesitate to compare several quotes and services before making your decision on a provider.

And remember one thing: building a house takes a big budget that requires patience.

Programs dedicated to new homes

The French are more and more attracted to homes built according to their desires, they can then choose them via a catalog and they are able to personalize them as they wish. This new home purchase is therefore very encouraging and you will discover that the choice is really vast. Thanks to a professional, you will have precise information on taxes, the possibility of tax exemption through a rental investment, the advantages of new homes or the construction of a wooden house.

  • The new market is especially targeted for the implementation of the Pinel law which allows to benefit from serious tax reductions.
  • The budgets are also adapted for these classic houses or those with a wooden frame.
  • For less than 300,000 euros, it is quite possible to find accommodation that meets your expectations.
  • There are also ready-to-use programs that are sometimes offered directly for the Pinel law.

Do not hesitate to contact a professional, you will have all the most important information on this subject and this purchase will be a formality, French households are more and more interested in this area.