Price of a garage door

The choice of your garage door will obviously be guided by an aesthetic criterion: it must blend perfectly with the rest of your house. But, during your selection, you will have to take into account other criteria such as insulation, safety and the comfort of use that you will get from it.

In order to know which model is right for you, the best strategy is often to seek advice from an industry professional. To give you an idea, this article will introduce you to the different models and give you an overview of the necessary budget.

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Factors influencing the cost of a garage port

Garage doors have prices ranging from € 250 to over € 3,000 . This big difference is due to the type of door and material you choose, but also to its quality and ease of installation.

Here are the main factors that will influence the final amount of your purchase:

  • The door model ;
  • The material of the door : PVC is the cheapest of all, followed by wood, then aluminum and steel. The price of the material is often also linked to its strength and durability.
  • Automation or not : if you want to install an automated door, you will need to add between € 400 and € 800 depending on the system you have chosen and its installation.
  • The installation of your door .

The different models of garage doors

You will have the choice between many models of garage doors. Here are their characteristics and their price range.

The overhead door

Overhead garage doors open vertically and will wedge against the ceiling. One of their advantages is that they are made in one piece, which facilitates assembly and lowers the cost. In addition, they are solid and will be effective in terms of security .

However, this opening system will limit your ceiling height and will require a certain space outside your garage. Also note that these models are not easy to motorize .

As for the price, it will take between € 200 and € 2,000 depending on the materials and additional facilities.

Sectional door

These doors have several advantages. First of all, they are easy to motorize and they offer excellent thermal insulation . Then, since they are designed from different panels, it will be very easy to adapt to the dimensions of your garage.

Depending on the material you choose, it will cost between € 300 and € 3,000 .

La porte sectionnelle est facilement adaptable aux dimensions de votre garage.

The roll-up door

These doors are made of aluminum. They have the great advantage of optimizing space both indoors and outdoors. Indeed, with their winding system, there is no offset outside or inside. In addition, this type of closure generally provides good insulation .

For these, the price varies  between 300 € and 4,500 € .

The folding door

Also called “à la française” for the shape they acquire when they open-close, they are made up of several vertical panels . These form an accordion when they fold over each other to open or close your garage. This model is especially interesting for garages with a certain width.

You will need to consider a budget of  between € 250 and € 2,000 if you choose PVC or wood.

The swinging door

These doors are the simplest and most classic . Therefore, they are also the most economical that you can find on the market. They consist of two single leaves which act as an opening to give access to the garage. If you wish, you can insert a pedestrian gate, that is to say, a small door that allows only people to pass.

For this type of door, count between 200 € and 3,000 € depending on the quality and the installations of your garage.

La porte battante est le modèle de porte de garage le moins cher.

The wicket door

If you are going to use your garage not as a parking place for your vehicle, but rather as an additional space such as a workshop or storage space, it is not necessary to always open the main door to access it.

This is why the option of wicket doors exists. In this case, your garage door will have a small door that is only made to let people through .

The tailor-made door

In some situations, your garage and its opening do not have standard dimensions. You will then have to ask a craftsman to make and install a tailor-made door.

The work is obviously longer and more specialized . The cost of a custom-made garage door is therefore around 40% to 60% higher than the price of a standard door.

Finally, know that if you already have a door that you are satisfied with, but would like to motorize it, it is quite possible. Depending on the type of door you have and the motorization model , you will need to spend between € 150 and € 600 .

The different materials

You can choose between four materials: PVC, wood, aluminum or steel. Of course, the material will have a direct influence on the price of your door, but it will also offer you different advantages:

  • PVC : if you are looking for the best quality / price ratio , it is recommended to opt for this material.
  • Wood : it is an interesting material, especially for its insulating qualities . However, depending on the gasoline, it can quickly get expensive.
  • Steel : it is the most resistant and durable material .
  • Aluminum : it is a good alternative to steel, because it is light and strong .

Les portes de garage peuvent être en aluminium, en PVC, en bois ou en acier.

Cost of installing a garage door

After selecting your door model, you will need to install it. It is generally recommended that you bring in a craftsman, as it is important that the door is leveled as well as possible and that it is straight to avoid future problems. In addition, the rather imposing sizes of garage doors will often encourage you to seek professional help.

The cost of installing your door will depend on the size of the door, but also on the model chosen and the complexity of its installation. The price will also increase if you want add-ons, such as an engine system.

In general, it will take between 200 € and 500 € . However, do not hesitate to inquire with the artisans in your region. Ask them for quotes and compare them to find the professional that suits you best.