Price of a bay window

The bay windows have appeared in recent years throughout our homes. These large glazed spaces supported by a solid structure have become more democratic, and are no longer limited to large American-style office buildings or verandas.

Thanks to the extent of their windows, they have the undeniable advantage of bringing natural light into our homes. They allow us to create a link with the outside while remaining inside.

But how to choose your bay window? Does their purchase and installation fit into your budget? Here we give you an idea of ​​the prices so that you can start to visualize the type of bay window that would be best for your project.

First of all, note that in order to know the cost of your bay window, you will need to take different factors into account. You will obviously have to count the price of the bay itself, that is to say that of the structure and its glazing. But you will also have to take into account any necessary work before its installation and, finally, you will have to add the price of the installation.

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The different types of opening of a bay window

Three possibilities are available to you for opening your bay.

Fixed opening

This type of bay is especially made to let natural light enter an upstairs room , without creating an opening that could be dangerous.

We find the aesthetics and advantages of a bay window. This allows the light to enter, to have more ventilated walls, to create an impression of grandeur, but while respecting security .

Sliding opening

In this case, the opening can be either classic or with pocket .

The classic sliding door is a common model that is often found. It gives a wide opening of a maximum of 7 meters, which will be structured by a division of 2 to 6 leaves.

Note, however, that due to their large dimensions, sliding doors are more vulnerable to bad weather and break-ins . The closing system of a sliding door is generally tilt-and-slide. The closure is resistant, but if you really want to guarantee the safety of the bay and your home, the presence of a shutter will be essential.

The sliding pocket door , on the other hand, is an elegant system that will save you space. Indeed, the leaves slide in a formwork inserted in the wall. This installation has several advantages. First of all, it helps to optimize the space . The formwork installed all around will allow you to benefit from storage. In addition, it will offer you a good quality of insulation and will require little maintenance.

However, the pocket door cannot be as big as the classic sliding door. You will indeed be limited to 5 meters and 4 leaves.

Casement opening

This works like a traditional house door , which will require you to have more space available on one side of the threshold in order to open it.

In addition, the classic structure of the hinged door does not make the frame more discreet.

L'ouverture à battant d'une baie vitrée est égale à l'ouverture d'une porte classique.

The different materials for the structure of a bay window

Traditionally, three different materials can be used to create the structure of a bay window: PVC, aluminum and wood. To choose the material suitable for your project and your budget, do not hesitate to seek advice from a specialist.


It is the cheapest of the three. It has very good aesthetic, thermal and waterproofing qualities . However, its lack of rigidity will not allow it to guarantee a long life for your bay, as it risks deforming over time.


It is very popular for bay windows and general structures because it has a lot of qualities. First of all, it is very malleable and can therefore adapt to a lot of structures and situations. In addition, it has a very high resistance , which gives it a long life . This also allows it to be combined with very thick glazing since it will have no problem supporting its weight.

However, the major disadvantage of aluminum is its lack of performance in terms of thermal insulation . If you choose this option, try to opt for an aluminum frame equipped with a thermal break, which will allow good insulation.


It is the noblest, the most elegant and above all the most insulating material of the three. In addition, aesthetically, it will give a traditional and warm touch to your bay window.

Obviously, faced with all its advantages, its purchase price is much higher than other materials. In addition, he will ask you for a more restrictive interview . Indeed, wood requires appropriate treatments in order to be able to withstand the load of a bay window. However, if you take care of it, wood is a very durable material.

La structure d'une baie vitrée en bois renferme de nombreuses qualités.

Types of glazing

You will generally have three options for your glazing: single, double or triple.

Single glazing

It has very little insulation and is therefore hardly used any more. However, this is the cheapest option. For single glazing, count between € 25 and € 70 per m² .

Double glazing

This is the one that is most widespread , and it remains the norm. It will give you good insulation and will have a good quality / price ratio.

Standard double-glazing costs on average € 140 per m² . However, the price of double glazing can climb quite quickly, some of which are even only available on request. For example, if it is low emissivity, its price will increase by at least 10%. If it is reinforced with argon blades, the price rises to at least € 220 per m².

Triple glazing

Logically, triple glazing offers better thermal and sound insulation than single or double glazing. Obviously, this feature also implies a higher price.

There are also glazing with specific options, such as anti-reflective, self-cleaning or opacifying glass. Each option will involve an additional cost.

The price of a bay window

In order to know the overall cost of your array, you will need to take into account the various factors we have just mentioned.

Here is an estimate of the price of a bay window according to the material chosen:

  • PVC : expect a cost between € 150 and € 1,000 ;
  • Alu : you will have to count between 500 € and 1,300 € ;
  • Wood : the cost will be around 900 € to 1,500 € .

These average prices obviously depend on the options you choose, but also on the size of your opening. If your opening does not have a standard size, it will then be necessary to intervene to have the masonry touched up, and this work may involve a significant budget overrun. This happens especially on renovation sites, as old buildings do not follow current standards.

It is therefore interesting to ask for a quote for a custom-made bay window . These are worth on average between € 1,300 and € 5,000 .

The installation of a bay window

The cost of installation depends greatly on the type of work to be done in order to integrate it into your home, as well as the installation required for the bay itself.

In any case, this installation must be carried out by a professional, because only an experienced craftsman will have the expertise and know-how to carry out it correctly. In addition, the professional will have the right tools and can ensure you get the work done quickly and cleanly.

On average, it takes at least a day to install a bay window. For this job, the quote usually shows a price between € 500 and € 1,000 .

However, if you install your bay window in an opening with a load-bearing wall, this budget will increase sharply. Indeed, this type of installation involves heavy masonry work before being able to install the bay. You can estimate that the price of a project of this type will not be less than 4000 €.

Final questions to ask

As you can see, giving an accurate estimate for a bay window installation is very difficult. However, this article aims to educate you on the right questions to ask yourself before embarking on the purchase of a bay window.

When thinking about your project, ask yourself the right questions about where your bay window will be installed. What are the climatic conditions to which it will be exposed? Will it be connected directly to your home ? All of this will allow you to choose the insulation that will work best.

Take the time to think about it and see what the best materials are that fit your budget, because a well-made, well-installed, and well-maintained bay window can last a long time.

Finally, as always when you want to carry out major work in your home, it is important to get information from experienced craftsmen and specialists. They can advise you and allow you to choose the option that best suits your project.