Price hike 2022: should we reform?

If you’ve come this far, it’s because you’re thinking about it make a reform, but you are afraid of something with everything we hear about the increase in construction costs. According to some data from the Ministry of Public Works in May 2022 issues found building materials 38% above 2020 spending. But don’t worry, despite everything (since this increase is not due to the war in Ukraine, but to months before), Construction prices are already falling.


What they don’t tell you about rising construction prices

You have to keep in mind that these numbers encompass all kinds of constructions and in that sense they are Non-residential construction works are the most affected by the costshow % of material cost is much higher than the work in terms of the total budget. In addition, as part of this increase in costs Delay in the expected completion of the works due to lack of materials between 2 and 3 months.

What does that mean, what does in reality, the prices of the reforms have not risen that muchleave about 10%. But does that mean you shouldn’t renovate now? The answer below:

If you just bought a house

If you have just bought a used home to renovate or are in the process of buying one, you should definitely do this agree on the amount of the purchase. Finally, the valuation should also fall because the replacement value will be higher. That’s what we mean Ultimately, you shouldn’t notice this increase.

If you have already bought the house without a discount or you have fallen in love with a house that does not reduce the price, pay close attention to the following moment because it will also benefit you and you must take this into account:

If you need to renovate your current home

In this case, the key to enhance the energy efficiency of your house for 2 reasons:

  • Likewise the energy costs the return on investment will be much lower (it will take fewer years to recoup this investment)
  • You can apply for a subsidy for part of the construction work

These two measures must not only compensates for the increase in construction prices.

Choose materials with lower tiers

Not all manufacturers Building materials became necessary They raise the prices so much. There are people who saw it and hoarded a lot of material before the price increase. Therefore, these manufacturers even succeeded maintain their prices and become more competitive.

Finally there is raw materials that have become more expensive than others, or because raw materials have increased more (ceramic 40%) or because its production process is more energy intensive, which increased by +170% (50% glass, 55% aluminum, 20% copper, 17% wood) and when its price rises, Your product will be more expensive. To give you an example, it might come in handy for you in this scenario Wooden floor still laid quoi Ceramic wood imitation As always, compare prices and resistances and judge each case.

Conclusion: is now the right time for reform or not?

Yes, it’s as good as any time you need it. quoi You will pay more attention to the budgetthe qualities chosen…yes. That you should use materials that improve your work efficiency… yes (what’s wrong, it’s a great investment!).

For this reason, it is important to plan your reform in advance and check the quality of the budget more than ever.