Price generator for the renovation of facades

The European Union is based on Energy renovation one of the main sources of CO2 emissions in the real estate market. Because of this, it will contain millions of euros Support with energy rehabilitation with funds for the next generation.

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In Spain there are almost 10 million houses and buildings outside the new regulations of energetic efficiency. For this reason, aid for energy renovation will be released in June this year Owners can receive subsidies of up to 70% of rehabilitation costs.

Renovation of facades, business opportunity for reformers

It’s good chance for everyone who is committed to reform. On the one hand, the economic barrier of clean up the facade and on the other hand, since it is the work of subsidized reformThey won’t look at the budget as closely as if they have to pay for everything. Are you ready to face this great opportunity?

How to prepare for the growing demand for facade renovation

  • Train in the facade renovation: Your dealer will usually organize training for a constructive solution. Join those who explain differently Building systems for facade renovation that you can easily use in reforms, like SATE system waves Ventilated facadesThese are the two systems that will help you improve the energy efficiency of the facade and that can be applied to the current facade.
  • Once published, Stay up to date on scholarships in your community. You don’t have to become an expert on scholarships. We recommend that you focus on knowing which building systems you can apply, how to place and study a particular case of the type of house you normally work with, and from there extrapolate the rest of the cases.
  • The subsidies are all the more important as the energy qualification of the house increases by leaps and bounds. Therefore it can be cheaper for the customer to renovate the facade + windows than if he only renovates the facade. For this reason, it is important to make calculations using different types of thermal insulation thicknesses and types of joiner. You can do this with a technical architect.
  • If you can automate this, you can Competitive advantage over other professionals and it’s a sales tool that will help you many other jobs close and Increase the value of this (and hence the benefits of any job). Do you think it’ll cost you the same using 60 x 100mm insulation, right? And instead, you can get more headroom per square meter! If it’s cheaper for the customer, it’s a Win win.

At the Reform plan We use the batteries to anticipate this Customer search We believe this will increase in the months and years to come. That’s why we included one Facade budget generator on the one hand, to help private customers understand how much it will cost them to renovate the facade of their house and thus generate demand in our house MARKETPLACEthis category.


On the other hand, STIMAT has integrated a facade quotation generator that allows you to create budgets of this type more easily and quickly and get the necessary construction solutions with their prices and the breakdown of the required materials. In this video we explain how it works.

Try the STIMAT facade budget generator

In addition, we will include them in the coming months Calculation to improve energy efficiency calculated to facilitate the calculation of the grant for natural persons. You already know it Dear It’s not just a budget program, it’s a tool that can help you work more efficiently, close more jobs, and increase your profits.