Price for the installation of an armored door

How much does an armored door cost? Discover our guide to give you all the elements to choose your secure door and define your budget.

Break-ins, burglaries, search for security and tranquility? What can push individuals to have an armored door installed in their home?

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What are the advantages of armored doors?

In recent years, the number of burglaries and thefts have increased significantly, which means that more and more people are looking for a solution to limit these phenomena or simply to feel safe. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to combat this is to install an armored door.

In fact, 80% of burglaries will have your main entry point. Thus, the great advantage of armored doors is that they will delay the break-in, because obviously no door or lock is tamper-proof. However, be aware that burglars prefer to work quickly so as not to be spotted. An armored door therefore has a lock that does not allow easy picking or does not allow it to be broken quickly, because it is made of steel or metal to strengthen it. It will then resist for more than three minutes, which makes it a difficult door to open and will work the deterrent effect perfectly by discouraging criminals who will not want to linger, at the risk of getting caught.

installation de porte blindée
Another non-negligible advantage of armored doors is their excellent insulation. Although this is not their main purpose, these doors will have much better thermal and sound insulation than conventional doors, some will even be effective as a fire stop. When we know the heat losses that can be created by openings such as doors and windows, this point is very appreciable and a good way to limit them.

You have finally decided to invest in an armored door and you want to know what the cost will be. There are two things you need to consider : the price of your door and the cost of installing it.

How much does a secure door cost?

Peace of mind and security come at a cost, and the cost of an armored door is no exception. These obviously come at a much higher price than a traditional door, which can put off buyers at first. However, we can say that its cost will be proportional to your peace of mind and it is therefore important to see its purchase as a long-term investment.

Thus, the price of an armored door will vary greatly and can range from simple (1000 €) to more than triple (6000 €). To explain this huge difference in the price and choose yours well, you will have to take into account different criteria such as:

  •  The security level of the door
  • The different certifications
  • Size
  • Aesthetics

Let’s start by seeing the different safeguards that you can install for your door. If your budget is not very high, you have the option of strengthening your door. It won’t be exactly an armored door, but you can install a metal frame (between 500-700 €) and a secure lock (around 500 €). This is the cheapest option, but also the one that will be the least robust or efficient.

Then, for the so-called « armored block-doors » the price will vary according to the range starting from 1,500 € for an entry level, then from 1,500 to 2,500 € for a medium range and finally from 2,500 to 4,000 € for a top. of range. You should know that for custom-made doors, the price can easily exceed these standards.

devis porte blindéeAnother element that will influence the cost of your door will be the level of certification. There are obviously the CF (French) standards which attest to safety and viability or CE (European) which can assign different levels concerning the shielding. But the benchmark to guarantee security will be A2P certification. This establishes that both the door and the lock pass the burglary resistance tests satisfactorily. In addition, the ranking from 1 to 3 will tell you the resistance time to it. For example, A2P BP1 = 5 minutes; A2P BP2 = 10 minutes and A2P BP3 = 15 minutes. These times may seem low to you, but it will be enough to persuade a burglar

Finally, the last element to take into account in order to know the price of your armored door unit will obviously be the size and aesthetics. Despite the associated uncluttered image of a metal door, security door suppliers have put a lot of effort into design and finishes in recent years. It is therefore now possible to have doors with wood-like or other finishes so that they fit better into your home.

How to assemble your armored door?

That’s it, you’ve chosen your door.

For its installation, it is better to avoid doing it yourself, but it is rather recommended to call on professionals so that the installation is well done. Indeed, this step is a complex and rigorous procedure and which, if it is carried out correctly, will allow you to assert a professional guarantee in the event of poor workmanship.

The best way to know the cost of installing your door and have a precise estimate of the cost of installation is to request a quote from professional locksmiths.

Finally, know two things before you make your decision. First of all, the cost of installing an armored door for a house will not be the same as for an apartment. Then, if you call in a professional, you will be able to benefit from a reduction in VAT (from 5.5 to 10%) on the purchase of the equipment.

Finally, before you start buying an armored door and securing your home, do not hesitate to consult professionals, request personalized quotes and compare armored door sets from major brands like Fischet. The company has an extensive catalog with different ranges and styles that will allow you to find the ideal door for you.