Price for floor painting per m2 reform plan

If you consider paint the floorYou have a couple of questions, what kind of color to choose, can you do it yourself and of course what will it cost to paint the floor? That’s why it will be solve them step by step.


Factors that affect the cost of painting the floor

Kinds of colors for your home

Of course, depending on the type of paint and painting technique what we will choose affects the final cost of painting a house.

There are different types of paints for the walls in your house and with different characteristics:

  • Latex or plastic paint: This type is most often chosen by consumers for the interior of the house because of its characteristics:
    • It can be washed.
    • Easily soluble in water.
    • Glue on any surface.
    • Mold resistant.
    • There is no strong smell.
    • Fast drying.

This type of color is usually around between 1 € / L and 16 € depending on the color and style chosen.

  • Enamel painting, of which we distinguish two sub-types:
    • Painting with synthetic enamelwhich is very resistant and offers different types of coatings, paint suitable for materials such as wood and metal.
    • Acrylic enamel paintwhich is made of acrylic resin and does not give off odor, which makes it very useful in Areas that don’t have a lot of ventilation.

The price for this painting is approximate 5 € / l and 12 € / l.

  • Mineral color: this species is increasingly being chosen by professionals and consumers for its natural basis as it is numerous Respect the environment. It’s also very breathable recommended for areas with high humidity.

The price is usually between 8 € / ly 9 € / l.

  • metallic color: This type of color has gotten due to in recent years its glossy industrial-style surface.

The price is between 8 € / l 10 € / l.

  • Moisture or mold color: ideal for rooms where Accumulate moisture, for example in the bath roomswhere we usually use it on the ceiling to avoid staining.

The price has been found between 8 € / ly 10 € / l.

Can i paint my house myself?

Whenever we come across any reform or change that we want to make in our home we wonder if we could do it on our own, but we know that if you are not an expert or a great teacher, It is difficult for you to achieve the same result as a professional.

Painting isn’t just about taking a brush and veil, it is Works that require materials and pricesbecause there are areas in our house that are not so easy to paint. Remember that we usually paint our house once a year so that any flaws are visible.

So this is our advice trust a professional that you can not only get the job done efficiently, but also knows how to finish it cleaner and with guarantees.

How much does the floor paint cost?

The dates we give you below are approximate prices made with our calculator and after Square meters of the house.

  • 60 m² apartment – € 1,188.77 + VAT
  • Floor 80 m² – 1324.48 € + TVA
  • Apartment 100 m² – € 1,498.84 + VAT
  • Apartment 120 m² – € 1,695.38 + VAT

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