Prepare your home for a complete reform

Once we choose major reform, we know we can have mixed feelings. On the one hand, we want to take off, on the other hand, at this moment we are afraid of the inconvenience we may cause. So we leave you a few things below Keys to preparing your home and living this moment in the best possible way.

Calculate how much a full reform will cost

You have already planned every detail of your job and you know everything you need to do in complete reform, but now you are going to learn how to prepare your home for this long-awaited and frightening moment.

Do you have an empty or furnished house?

It’s very different from planning reform when the house is uninhabitableie without furniture or personal items. In the event that the house is empty, planning is much easier, although there will always be the inconvenience that we can cause to the neighbors or the desire to keep certain elements of the house such as the doors, the floor. , Cupboards, etc.

If on the contrary the house is inhabited In addition to the above inconvenience, we have to add the fact that Removal of furniture and personal effects that we will keep and find a place to keep them, or in a room you know ahead of time won’t be repaired, or rent a storage room to put it all away.

In both cases, of course, it’s important protect items by covering them with tarpaulin or plastic so that they do not deteriorate, get dirty or damaged during operation.

Regarding the floor, it is advisable to protect it with cardboard so as not to damage the material it is made of.

Living with reform

No matter how big, reform it it can be very annoying and dangerousbecause we live with building materials, tools or rubble, we just don’t know exactly how long your reform will take

If a person or a couple lives in the house, they can be isolated and avoided in a room, if possible, interaction with work, But with the involvement of children, adapting to this situation can be a little more complicated.

Determine what is of value

Whatever decisions you make, you have to Identify all values ​​and everything that you want to keep. The Reformation can be a good time to realize the things that you have accumulated and no longer use and to wonder if they are really necessary in your daily chores.

Probably You noticed that you actually saved a lot of unnecessary items and have not been used for a long time.

It begins Punctual and orderly stay after stayFor example, we start with the kitchen, separating and stowing all objects and utensils in boxes for protection and storage.

Request a budget for your reform