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360º solution for construction and renovation companies

From prospecting to invoicing, here are all the solutions we offer:

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I am interested in the PRO REFORMPLAN!

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Win customers with MARKETPLACE

Would you like to expand your customer network?

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Whether you have regular customers Expand your customer networkoutside your usual circle, provides you with a continuous flow word of mouth jobs.

That single MARKET that:

  • filtered by phone and manually to all customers
  • Select contacts before purchase
  • Return Policy unlimited
Tracks to get your best trade weapons!

How does MARKET PLACE work?

We offer this service 2012see you more 25 000 professionals at all Spain

Tired of dealing with nosy customers?

A refresh calculator widget for your network

Embed the widget as a link on your website automatically captures and filters customers prospects and provides them with an instant evaluation of their work.

How does the calculator widget work?

tested with half a million calculationsIn 2022 we decided to openly offer our technology to all professionals in the sector.

Learn how we screen customers

We are the only MARKETPLACE that TALKS to every customer.

We cannot guarantee that you will accept the position; Even if you manage to make the rounds of all the customers, you still have to set the sales part.

But we can tell you that our MARKET will benefit youMultiply the investment you make by 3 and 5 if you’ve invested enough since then our professionals achieve between 10% and 20% conversion. 10-year lifetime of our guarantee!

Listen to the actual commit call

I am interested in MARKETPLACE contacts!

Elegant, visual and professional offers in 1 minute with STIMAT

Do your quotes reflect your professionalism?

Impress your customers and close more deals with a format designed so that the individual:
  • understand better tons of budget
  • be excited with your future job
  • To mark your professionalism
and the only one with multiple product variants for each batch to water it saves you from being left behind because of the price.

View an example PDF

This budget format was the winner (75%) in detection who answered 600 especially when compared to Presto (15) and Excel (10%).

Test STIMAT for free

Do you need more than a week for the evaluation?

Submit the budget beforehand what your competitors are doing increase the chances that the customer choose for you

STIMAT has one budget generatorDeveloped with manufacturers so you can plan on a budget also complex building solutionsin less than 1 minute.

change the result to polish and Save your price settings to generate budgets with them next time.

See Automatic Generator

We offer this service 2018we generate more than 2000 budgets each month.

Create a test budget with STIMAT

Are you paying for another billing program?

Or worse, do you budget with your billing program?

Both are inefficient, both economically and because you, as a construction professional, know that our budgets are far more complex than « adding more billing lines ».

  • Easily create certificates of work at origin
  • Create invoices from a certificate or from scratch
  • Subscriptions, Forms
  • increase expenses and income

Learn how to create and certify invoices

Create a budget with STIMAT for free

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