Parquet: decorative and practical advantages

When choosing a new floor covering for our home Parquet is an elegant and timeless option Adds a touch of warmth to any home. Its intricate pattern and unique design make it a popular choice for both modern and traditional homes.


different coatings

panache The floors are made of small pieces of wood arranged in geometric patterns. It is a characteristic image of parquet that offers one a variety of options. The wooden parts of the parquet can be arranged in different patterns.

Pour List some of the most common ones, like herringbone, herringbone, or basket. When planning an interior design project, it is very interesting. It is a floor covering that enables an individual look and adapts to all furnishing styles.

Another characteristic of parquet is that it can do this in different types of wood. These include oak, cherry, maple or walnut. The interesting thing is that Each type of wood has its own look and character. In other words, it can be tailored to the needs of the overall aesthetic of the particular home.

In return, you can too Work on the color and finish to adapt it to everyone’s needs. In a modern interior design, natural wood tones will be perfect. On the other hand in a house Soft finishes in minimalist style are more flattering.

Strong and durable bottom

Guaranteed function c Parquet is that they are very durable. This is why they are used the most, as they are ideal for multi-family households and traffic. In the worst case, the pieces of wood that make up the parquet can also be damaged Parquet can be easily replaced when they take damage. Because of this, it never hurts to save a few slats.

On a practical level it is a easy to clean surface. We have special products for all large surfaces that are very easy to maintain. You have to put it in front of the id and that’s another advantage after you’ve installed it The parquet can be made without any work.

As we mentioned at the beginning, parquet is one of the most popular options when it comes to replacing floors. Its elegant appearance and timeless design make it suitable for many decoration styles. With its distinctive appearance and great durability, it is an excellent option for creating a warm and welcoming environment in modern homes.


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