Our tip for good cuisine

The layout of your kitchen cannot be neglected, located in the heart of the house is the essential space in which meals are prepared, it is also a living space in which we often spend a lot of time, it is therefore necessary to feel there well.

So what should you think about when planning your kitchen to make this space practical and functional?

Here are some tips to help you choose the layout of your kitchen:

First and foremost, your kitchen needs to breathe, whether you opt for an open space or not, it is important to make sure that you can move around the space smoothly.

Kitchen designers speak of the activity triangle; There is a thoughtful balance between the different poles of the kitchen, i.e. between the storage area, the cooking and preparation point and the laundry room.

It is therefore necessary to adapt this principle to your space and your way of life.

The storage spaces also promote this clarity by optimizing the surface and functionality of the room through the shelves, cupboards and drawers. The worktop must be large enough and adapted to the needs of the kitchen.

Then choose easy-care furniture made from durable materials to make cleaning easier, which is an inevitable part of the fitted kitchen and shouldn’t become a chore.

When choosing a central island, choose comfortable furniture, add a little decoration, and create a friendly and pleasant dining area for everyday use.

The smells emanating from the kitchen must also be taken into account, the function of the hood is to absorb the fat and heat generated during cooking. Choose a good quality range hood that will reduce kitchen maintenance.

The lighting of your kitchen is also of great importance, regardless of whether you opt for LEDs or another type of lighting, a sufficiently strong and pleasant light for your culinary preparations or for cooking is essential.

After all, careful color choices will give your kitchen a style and unique personality that suits your tastes. It is generally recommended to use a maximum of three colors.

This selection is made according to the color of the previously selected kitchen furniture; ideally, you compensate with complementary colors, this is done with small steps, for example with devices or brightly colored accessories.

Avoid the combination of too bright colors to make the room stuffy, not too cold colors that would make the place impersonal. To learn more, check out this article on the Raison Home blog about choosing color in a kitchen.

Conclusion: The kitchen is above all a place to relax.

So, based on the many criteria mentioned above, you can appropriate this living space to make it a functional and comfortable place that you will use every day.