Open kitchen with bar counter

When it comes to renovating a kitchen, it is a The current trend is opening it up to the rest of the house. Gone is the possibility of connecting the kitchen with other rooms such as the living room or the dining room gaining strength over the years. The classic free-standing kitchen is no longer required for kitchen conversions and new builds.

From there, a number of possibilities open up new kitchen equipment and layout. The ability to change the layout of its elements creates a lot of opportunities. One of the suggestions from open kitchens with bar counters have breakfast or cook.


Discreet kitchen partition

S the kitchen bar also has an open kitchen, even if the space it occupies is much better defined. This option is much more in demand than, for example, creating a window in the wall. That was one of the options if you wanted to connect the kitchen with other rooms without too much effort.

With this unused practice, the open kitchen has become the most attractive option. At the level of interior decoration, it creates more visual space in the house, since it can remove the walls that impede the proper lighting of the rooms. again too Creates more fluidity in movement.

The open kitchen connects several rooms and gives us more comfort. second, the absorbers manage to eliminate the concentration of vapors and odors and prevents them from spreading to the rest of the home. It was one of the big fears when choosing an open kitchen and today it is over.

Functional kitchen bar

An open kitchen can generate just as many advantages in our house as the kitchen or the breakfast bar. This type of item has evolved from a simple bar with a mission to provide support as an integral part of the kitchen. If you have a countertop, the sink or ceramic countertop can also be placed on it. Contribute to the management efficient kitchen space.

rotate room Background can be used for Storage capacity by placing multiple drawers or cabinets. In other cases, it is also used to include specific devices. Easy from there Put some stools and get a perfect seat for snacks and quiet meals.

Modern kitchens

The kitchen has always had the character of a social space in the house. Both to spend time with family and friends. In this sense, the kitchen bar presents itself as a central element an open kitchen that allows us to create a relaxed space for conviviality.