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You want to know how to get started Plan your online upgrade visually, fun, quickly and reliably? This is possible with PROyectoDIY from Plan Reforma! We’ll tell you below.


New online planning jobs

At Plan Reforma we have been developing since 2012 offer the best possible service and improve the industry. We know how confusing it is to plan reforms and calculate all costs, so we got to work. make the process easier.

We did more than that with the online update calculator half a million calculations over the years thanks to our own algorithm; Plus, it’s the same algorithm our pros use for budgeting, so you have more than 90% reliability, and is able to calculate the dimensions of a house with only its basic data: built-up area, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways.

So far, after a calculation, we have made it possible to download a report (simplified budget) or a detailed budget, sealed and with a reduced VAT calculation. You can now and ProjectDIY, the best way to plan your work online in a visually, fun and efficient way.

How do I create the reform planner (PRyectoDIY)?

Here’s a quick and easy way to explain the steps you need to follow to plan your reform:

  • Use the calculator for reforms: reform your house,
  • Enter your house information: Square meters, number of rooms, bathrooms, etc.
  • Choose the siding, appliances, windows, and anything else you’d like to change in different rooms (paint, floors, heating systems, etc.)
  • Get Your First Class so 90% reliability in your result
  • Calculation of the average overall reform

    As soon as we have completed our reform calculation, it will be time to get into PROyectoDIY, but we take this opportunity to let you know that we have two other options that may still be of interest to you:

    • Report: This is a summary of the cost of your work and is the ideal format to present to the bank in case you need to apply for a mortgage or loan as most of them accept. You can print it out, download it as a PDF or send it by email.
    • Shared budget: In case your bank requests a quote with VAT calculation (whether reduced or not) and stamped, this is the option you need. You can also see the detailed prices for assembly and material and download them in PDF format.
    • BudgetDIY:Start playing and plan to reform or build your home yourself! IN THE ProjectDIY, you will get 4 things:
        • interactive online offer You can select products with prices, activate / deactivate the articles and the price will be recalculated.
        • Mood board inspiring (in case of repairs).
        • take it Material list Buildings with access to purchase links.
        • You can Download all budget versions as PDF What do you want!

    Advantages of PROyectoDIY

    The PROJECTDIY option is one of the most comprehensive; As mentioned above, there are many options to choose from to help you manage your reform at your own pace:

    • You will receive a Interactive budget, PDF file and bill of materials
    • You will have Installation price
    • Will be divided by elements
    • You can in. search Products in the catalog and add them
    • You have an overview in Mood board or inspirational sign How are the different materials and finishes you selected and now change them to see other options.
    • And also, if you want, You can buy directly online or print out the list


    This is how the PROyectoDIY Update Scheduler works

    If you have any questions about how the Interactive Budget or the Do-It-Yourself Budget works, you can check it out here PROJECT explanatory video