of boiler type: characteristics and consumption


Different between Boiler type The gas available on the market is hot water with a constant flow rate. But not all of these are the same, and you should consider some factors. The following list shows all the things that need to be considered before installation.

How to choose a gas water heater

There are differences between the different types of gas boilers sold. Installation will depend on the characteristics of the house, consumption or the number of people living in the house.

  • The characteristics of the property. Heater capacity usage Can heat up per minute.They are also related to flow, Because the diameter of the pipe is also larger.For a house with two bathrooms, the usual thing is 11 liters, Although it may be less in studies where only one or two people live. When there are more than two bathrooms and a few meters away between the machine and the shower room, other things are needed.
  • Consumption calendar. Time is also very important. When the shower is at its coldest, the water from the small-capacity heater may become warmer. This is due to the low inlet water temperature. The flow also changes with time, less than 11 liters.
  • Number of people. In a multi-person house, it is important to have a heater that can heat the shower water when the kitchen faucet is turned on or the water tank is flushed down the toilet.

Different types of gas water heaters

Not all gas water heaters use the same Fuel type. According to the characteristics of the house, you will have to choose Natural gas, butane or propane. These are their most important attributes. Before ordering, it is important to point out their purpose, because each has a different mechanism.

natural gas

Natural gas is mainly used in households people. Compared with competitors, propane gas and butane, it has some advantages.

  • price. It has the cheapest price per month. It is true that more flow is required to produce the same heating power, but as long as it is used continuously, it is still cheap.
  • supply. The supply is always constant and there is no risk of stopping the supply at the most inconvenient time.
  • universe. Installation is difficult, so the holes in the house can be better utilized.
  • Safety. The natural gas device is more robust and durable. Most are installed externally and consist of copper pipes.

Propane gas

Propane gas If natural gas cannot be installed, this is the best option. It is also useful if it is not used much. In addition, it also indicates where it is installed outside the house and the temperature reaches a negative value.

  • Outstanding performance. The calorific value is greater than that of butane or natural gas. The price of the bottle is compensated by the higher output.
  • freezing point. It can withstand extreme temperatures without freezing, so it is very suitable for outdoor installation.

Gas boiler

Butane gas

Butane gas is the most common packaging. Unlike propane, it cannot be transported in bulk, but it is always bottled. If you do not use too much gasoline, use it in another home or want to grill, this is the best choice. This is its main feature:

  • Economically. The cylinder is cheaper than propane, despite its poorer performance.
  • Easy to supply. It is easier to find in bottles and many places.

Alternatives to gas heating

There are other types of heaters, such as Instantaneous water heater, solar thermal storage or electric water heater.This is the most common among them Electrical terms, Very suitable for installation in households with only electricity.

Indeed, in the long run, It is not as economical as those who use natural gas. However, it is working for They consume less and save more calories. In addition, they have better corrosion resistance.

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