NEW! You can now export to BC3

As a construction professional, it is normal every day to work with other companies in the industry and to exchange information and documents: Builders, manufacturers, architects or dealerswhich, by the way, have very different programs with different file extensions.

Load your files with STIMAT. on BC3 high

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We have the option of being able to activate it beforehand Open or import files in BC3 in our online budget generator reform tool so you can solve the problems that came with exchanging budgets or items in Excel as this program has many limits and every professional will adapt it to their operation.

We are now going one step further to make communication easier Relationships between professionals, is able Export to FIE-BDC with files of type « BC3 » for those who are new to this format. This is a standard file type that allows information to be exchanged between computer programs such as Presto or MENFIS.

With this novelty we achieve this communication between builders, project managers, architects, installers etc. to be smoother and more reliable.

This type of file resists different content:

  • the budget It contains the title to which it is directed and detailed elements with the information necessary to carry out the project.
  • Database Catalog of products or manufacturers.
  • It can also be used as a Certificate to confirm project progress.

Since the beginning Dear, The budget program and sales tool are designed for professionals who use programs like Excel or Word on a daily basis because they don’t need anything fancy to get the job done or to increase the client’s budget. Since we know that you have to export the data and make it available to the responsible specialist, we have decided to improve and develop further Format BC3.

In summary, we see that advantage When using the new STIMAT export function in BC3 added:

  • Ease of exchange of information with different professionals.
  • He is format compatible with the most important software such as Presto, Premeti, Arquímedes.
  • This allows the manufacturer offer more information for its materials and products.
  • Products and materials can include in work items.
  • Follow the rules of the European Public Procurement Directive 2014/24 / EU