New contact mode: WhatsApp Direct mode

From 2023 we will offer you a new contact method to increase the number of potential customers: Mode direct WhatsApp.

From now on they can contact you directly via your WhatsApp.

How it works?

Too simple! Your WhatsApp will be visible on your profile so prospects can contact you directly on your phone. In addition, those who have this active contact modality are prioritized in our directory and associated networks.

How much does it cost?

You can access this benefit only 100 credits per month, regardless of how many people you contact. When attached, both your WhatsApp and phone are public All our users and the people who access our platform.

Does it replace the previous system?

No, this service disappears to our usual channels to improve our bargaining power. If you have this mode enabled, direct requests now also have the value 0 (zero).

What do I have to do to join?

To do this, log into your account and activate the option “WhatsApp Direct Mode” under “My Summary”.

You can login here, the right tool

How can I buy/top up credit?

Enter your profile and choose the plan that best suits you. You can pay with all payment methods. The 100 credits are automatically deducted from your balance each month.

Important Tip: To get the most out of our service, remember to keep your profile as complete and professional as possible. Get profiles with a good photo and information up to 75% more requests. Also Check that the phone details are correct (country code, area code, etc.), so that you can be contacted by voluntary users.