Mediterranean style bathrooms, character and simplicity

When it comes to decorating or remodeling a bathroom, it is easy to choose the style that suits you best. Because of the space, distribution, lighting or connection to the rest of the house is essential. That is why we are ready to give you some keys to evoke a unique Mediterranean essence. Do youMediterranean style bathrooms?? It’s about reading on and adding an original character to your home.

When you think of him Mediterranean Sea-, inevitably appears a simple and fresh postcard of the sea breeze. Paintings in soft, clear tones with details made of fine wood, wicker and stone. Simple shapes that cross the environment and bright rooms that make it a minimalist and comfortable space. the Mediterranean style It is characterized by a mixture of different decorative elements related to the sea and reflecting life on the coast. We’ll show you some keys that will inspire you.

Mediterranean bathroom

Don’t stop reading! The best secrets to discovering Mediterranean-style bathrooms are in the lines below.

The bathrooms are open to the outside

Depending on the space available, it may be that an outdoor arrangement is best that makes maximum use of the light. This style, inspired by the Mediterranean decoration, offers some details such as: windows without curtains or made of volatile fabrics and bright colors that reflect the light. Lighting is vital in a washroom like this.

Choose partitions with a simple design, with a fixed and transparent arrangement, which, together with furniture of simple dimensions, will be the protagonists of the important points of the bathroom. We find an example of this in the hanging or hanging furniture, which, in addition to a current and modern trend, perfectly complement this style.

To keep everything in order, don’t forget about basic accessories and choose minimalist bathroom furniture. This is the only way to create open spaces that become an oasis of calm for you.

What about the sink? This room should be white, complemented by furniture, a simple, circular or rectangular design and a pendant lamp or desk that brings beauty through the brightness and appropriate measures depending on the room and the arrangement of other elements. Discover for yourself different shapes and materials so that your sink can contribute to your decoration.

Sustainability of power

Absorb the natural essence in space and turn props into protagonists natural materials is continuous with plants and natural elements that give it the exclusive nuance of the Mediterranean coast. As mentioned earlier, light is the defining factor in this type of design: follow the blog’s recommendations to help you out. Avoid curtains, light and soft colors on the walls, leave room for natural light and ensure that it is evenly scattered so that it can be used to the maximum.

Tip: The contrast between blue and white and sand and earth colors creates the “beach” effect that is characteristic of the Mediterranean style.

Matching ceramic sinks, old-fashioned kitchen faucets with a high spout and minimalist mirrors are some recommendations for this furnishing style. On the other hand, with rustic wooden furniture, wicker baskets, handcrafted details that shape this enduring character, but keep in mind that you don’t overdo any of this as it won’t overload the Mediterranean style.

Tip: Don’t forget a few plants, they bring the natural freshness that characterizes these pieces.

Handcrafted colors and modernity

Don’t give up on modernity. This recommendation combines current trends with Mediterranean art and texture. The use of natural materials such as: linen, bamboo, cotton, wicker, wood, tree trunks … all full of natural textures and modern finishes.

Exposed beams, plaster, cement or stone walls combined with rustic tiles are some of the rooms in which this decoration fits perfectly.

To print the authentic style of modern Mediterranean decoration, nothing beats the most diverse textures. Choose shower trays with a sand-colored slate structure and complement them with simple partitions that add character and simplicity to the shower. In the sink, we choose simplicity again, but we add modern and avant-garde surfaces which use natural materials to enhance the modern and Mediterranean space of your bathroom.

Tip: For this type of handmade decoration, combine Mediterranean handicrafts with upper and lower knit accessories to balance the modern.

Now that you have some ideas of how Mediterranean style bathrooms look, all you have to do is apply them in different compositions. What are you waiting for to bring the Mediterranean into your bathroom? Enter our website and discover all the possibilities we have for this decoration. Keep the following tips in mind on our blog.