MARKET for reforms VERSUS own campaigns

Most pros have tried today repair market. If not, a repair market is an online platform that allows you to access customers in a predictable manner.

More precisely in Planning reform reforms MARKETto those Customers are filtered on the phone from a team of people who:

      • Thanks to our reform calculators, they help the client to understand how much his reform will cost
      • They make sure they really want to connect with professionals
      • It’s the right time


Those of you who haven’t tried it yet are wondering if it might be It is cheaper to run your own advertising campaigns to attract potential customers.

We also see « marketing gurus » promising 30-40 leads per month. Laura Núñez, founder of Plan Reforma PRO since 2012, explained why using Marketplace for reforms is more profitable than hiring companies yourself.

Spoilers: it is more profitable for you to buy contacts on the marketplace

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