Management of construction and reform projects

That Management of construction projects and reforms This is not an easy task as it involves a a long process from customer acquisition to handing over the house reformed and above all based on the control of fundamental aspects such as Tracking, budgeting, invoicing or material purchasing. For this reason, in the next article we offer you a series of tips and recommendations, as well as solutions to any problems you may encounter, so that you have everything under control.


Manage your customer renewals

Keeping track of the budget requests that come to you every day is not easy, especially when your clients come from different sources (references, social networks, market, etc.). By managing as many channels as possible forget important information such as sending budgets, visiting customers or taking orders. And how will that leave you as a company or as a professional? Every client is important, both the one who asks you for an initial quote and the one who is already immersed in the execution of the work.

How can we solve it and not forget anything?

If you’re a traditional pro, you can Organize each customer in different foldersmaking it easier for you to have them all the necessary information in one place, including budgets, notes, images, customer questions and more. This however does not notify you when you have pending tasks with a specific client, so you need another system that lets you know what work you have left to do.

S Plan the Reforma PRO platform You can control all customer information by simply uploading it to the file manager. Thanks to our tool you can comment all information about the work quickly and smoothly without forgetting a single detail, no matter how small.

Follow-up of your reform projects

When we talk about overseeing your renovation projects, we mean both upcoming ones and those we currently have in development. Every project, every customer and every specification is different and that’s why we have to have good follow up and know what is needed at all times.

CASE 1: Lead Tracking

If we talk about a Outlook reform project, we need to follow up on your request for the initial budget to complete the work. Good I’ll give you a practical example:

Once the budget has been sent to the customer, we need to contact them again, neither too early nor too late, about 3 days to give them time to evaluate your budget. We’ll call you back or email you to ask if you have any questions or want to comment on the budget.

What happens if we don’t continue?

Yes, it is true that in some cases The same customer contacts you, but chances are they have more than one budget alongside yours. If you are a professional interested in your future clients, you can challenge a better impression compared to other budgets that may be lowerYes, so you will avoid staying OVERPRICED.

CASE 2: Follow up on existing customers

On the other hand we have Customers with whom we are already working intensively on the reform. As in the previous case, it is also important to monitor the progress of each project in order to Clients relax and see progress and for you, because you control the main aspects contained therein (acceptance of orders, documents, contracts, invoices, etc.). Good see in a hypothetical case:

We are working on a complete reform and you forget that today was the reception but today you are working on the installations and you do not have all the equipment. What would happen? You will have to stop advancing other jobs to get the materials, which will cause discomfort and confusion and delay the job.

What if we don’t have task tracking?

This can lead to misunderstandings between the customer and the professional, in addition to the fact that your workers are not organized. If we want reforms to be implemented in the best possible way, it takes a lot Sequence and planning of all tasks to be performed.

How can reform projects be effectively monitored?

We offer several options for good aftercare:

For the first case of the potential customer, cCreate your own folder and mark it as a track in your personal diary. Record there whether or not you sent the budget, whether or not you called him, whether he contacted you, etc. Of course, remember to consult the agenda every day to avoid omissions.

paragraph lThe reform projects that you are already implementing, Create a board on which you can write the project name and upcoming tasks (for example, when a delivery or an appointment is scheduled). Not only do you see this, but all the workers assigned to this reform project.

On the other hand with Plan Reforma PRO, you can manage the projects of your potential customers, as well as already running, from aa single platform and from any devicethanks to its functionality Notifications and reminders to keep track of tasks. This feature helps you automate the follow-up of all your customers as you can schedule notifications with the day and time they send you notifications.

Organize weekly meetings with your customers

Own informs the client about the progress of the work, it no longer only helps you to check the tasks that have already been carried out and anticipate those to come, but this will give your client a clear idea of ​​the progress of his reform.

The fact that your customer sees the progress helps you avoid misunderstandings because they all the time what is happening.

Manage all invoices for construction and renovation projects

Another important part of Construction and renovation project management This is your company’s treasury control. Each reform project has its own accounts, i.e. its own expenses and income, but… how are you supposed to control all of this?

Some of you may choose to use other billing management software when available driven by projects, while others are more traditional you keep doing them hand it over and send it to a manager, or you contracted directly to a professional who takes care of all the bookkeeping. Whatever you do, the most important thing is that we don’t forget a single invoice.

With STIMAT, the budget program from Plan Reforma Proyou won’t have to have separate program from the reform project itself You can create, share and control invoices with your customers or suppliers. In addition, you can increase your expenses and your income and thus start They control the cash associated with each reform project from a single location.