Luxury toilets, which one to choose?

Are you watching Luxury toilet for your bathroom? This article will tell you everything you need to know so that you don’t fail in your decisions. The toilet is the most important element of any bathroom, and its design can mark the line that the rest of the furniture and elements of the bathroom will follow.

Included Our selection of luxury toilets We have a wide range of models so that you can find the toilet that best suits your needs, but above all so that you can find a toilet that perfectly matches your bathroom style in your home. Among this great variety are the altitude marks Fossil Natura, Gala, Otium Xpress or Roca. Read on and … check out all of our top recommendations!

Luxury toilets for your bathroom

In our selection you will find luxurious toilets with a modern design, more sophisticated, revolutionary and elegant that coexist with more traditional bathrooms, or older toilets for those looking for a more personal and different touch to their bedroom.

Wall-mounted toilet Roca W + W with washbasin

As distinguished by the Roca brand, this toilet is cared for in every detail and has a system that saves as much water as possible. For you, this not only means economic savings, but also protects the environment.

Sink faucets are included and this is a durable toilet as it has a double flush with three to six gallons of water. It is made of ceramic and painted white. This toilet has an integrated flushing system without a bracket.

Roca in the toilet

As usual for the Roca brand, the focus of the designs is on optimizing the bathroom space. The same thing happens with the In Wash toilet.

It has technology that focuses on personal hygiene and cleaning the toilets themselves. Ensure personal hygiene with a jet of water and dry later with an adjustable temperature system. In short, it has a state-of-the-art self-cleaning system that is controlled via a button or buttons integrated into the side of the toilet. In addition, it has an LED as a night light, which can also be configured to light up for hours and in different modes.

Fossil Natura Weimar Smart toilets

Fossil Natura is characterized by high quality parts and the most innovative design, as well as a tight and affordable price. It has various automated cleaning methods, both for the toilet and for personal hygiene. This function includes a seat with different heating levels, an adjustable massage function and a night light that switches off after use. A great option for those who want to have a toilet precursor in the bathroom.

Wall-mounted toilet in gold from Fossil Natura

This toilet is one of the most exclusive pieces from Fossil Natura. Its special design makes it an exclusive and unique toilet on the market.

It has a two-tone hanging look with a glossy surface and is made of ceramic. It has a small and compact size, a pillowcase made of heat-resistant thermosetting resin, the strongest material on the market. It also includes the borderless technology.

Kassel smart wall-hung toilet from Otium Xpress

We are talking about toilets with the latest technological possibilities. It has a remote control to control every function of the toilet, an adjustable air temperature and an adjustable wash basin for women and men.

It has the heating technology on the lid itself. If you want the lid to be always hot, you just have to program it.

Gala noble toilet

This Gala model combines its usual classic style with a more innovative element that offers an alternative visual proposition for your bathroom. It has a walnut wood top that manages to offer the usual distinction from noble materials. Without a doubt, a whole retro look for your bathroom.

This ceramic toilet has a double outlet for a small tank. An upholstered seat is available as an option for additional comfort, and a mounting kit is also included. It also has an economizer emptying system, in this case from three to six liters.

Here you found out our recommendations for you to find luxury toilets ideal for your bathroom. Included The bathroomWe are waiting for you to continue to advise you on everything you need. What are you waiting for to give your bathroom a new touch?