Luxury bathtubs at your fingertips

Definitely the first thing you think of when you think about it Luxury bathrooms These are hotels and private villas … But nothing is further from the truth! It’s easier and cheaper to have one in your bathroom than you might think.

Do not think that it is an impossible room for your house, the only thing you have to worry about is Place out where you can find it. So find out ideal model for you this is crucial. In this new post, we leave you with some of our recommendations to take your bathroom to a new level.

As we’ve always said, fashion changes and everything comes back. If they had told us a few years ago that luxury bathtubs were in vogue … we would not have believed it. This trend reversal is based primarily on everything that bathtubs offer compared to shower trays. Exclusion, Relaxation is personal space. This tub trend advocates luxury tubs and completely dispenses with traditional tubs that are plugged into the wall.

If there is one thing that sets luxury bathtubs apart, it is this feeling that envelops and conveys you during your bath Comfort is Quiet. A guarantee for the most personal moments when you just want peace and quiet. Without a doubt, luxury when it becomes the star of your bathroom and marks a whole new line of design.

You can already find luxury bathtubs made of versatile and resistant materials, so that they are also becoming increasingly easy to care for.

In our selection we have very different models, both in their design and in their use of space. Look no further. You can get a high quality luxury bathtub without losing the price. Read on to find our recommendations!

Luxury bathtubs and tubs

When in Malawi

This matte black oval bathtub fits perfectly in bathrooms with accentuated dark colors. It is a free-standing bathtub made of mineral composite materials and is supplied in user-friendly packaging. As you can see, pay attention to every detail.

It is also available in white or matt beige … in case you fall in love with it and black doesn’t fit your bathroom!

When Becca

It consists of the latest generation of gel coatings and polyester resin. The outer gel coating ensures a very resistant bathtub with a non-slip base. Its impact resistance does not conflict with its smooth texture and matte finish.

Its low profile breaks with the rest of the oval tub, giving you more versatility in placing it in the bathroom. It adapts to all corners!

Victoria’s bathroom

A very special bathtub. Inspired by the Victorian era, the design features antique details such as chrome legs and oval curves that blend in perfectly with any antique decor.

It consists of a mineral composite material that is resistant to temperature fluctuations. Including drain connection pipes, antibacterial treatment and sound insulation. As you can see, there is nothing better than a bathroom renovation. You won’t miss a thing!

Danube bath

Cheaper option than the previous ones. Thanks to the glossy or matte surface, it is sensitive to taste, depending on the taste. Including antibacterial treatment and automatic discharge. It is made of acrylic material and has a bottom with a capacity of 170cm.

We will solve all the questions you have about installing a luxury bathtub in your bathroom. Just contact us and we will give you the brainstorming you need for your budget, space and needs.