Linear kitchens to optimize space


There are many models of kitchens. Whether you choose one or the other will be mainly determined by two reasons: style what do you mean and sizes you have stay used to it. We have talked about island trends in the kitchen more than once, but this is possible in those that are large enough to accommodate them.


In other cases, when the kitchen is small, you can choose to open it and merge it with the next room, giving you a feeling of space. I can enjoy open kitchens in many ways and not just in space.

When it comes to a small kitchen, you need to take advantage of every corner to make it as useful as possible. Therefore, in cases such as those linear kitchens this is the best option. By placing everything on one side of the kitchen, the other wall remains free, for example place a folding table to eat when the time comes. In this case, neither L-shaped kitchens nor islands are recommended.

There are some advantages of this type kitchens. When using a wall with the most important: hob, appliances and hob, the remaining walls are free to use alternative furniture (if, as we have already said, you do not want to leave them free). This gives your kitchen a lot more space.

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On the other hand, it is so organization and sense of order it will be much easier in this area modern extended kitchens the one where you have to move from one place to another to get everything you need. With this kitchen format, everything is much more accessible and therefore more flexible.

Place furniture (by making it meet our specifications) helps you get the most out of the wall. You can also place storage furniture at the bottom so that you can store all kinds of utensils and food.

on kitchens They are especially suitable for long kitchens (large or small) because they can take advantage on one side and leave free space for walks on the other. With everything focused on one side, the other rooms can remain unfurnished, making a small space look bigger than it really is.

Modern extended kitchens

However, it is always much more difficult to furnish a small kitchen than a large one. Errors in smaller, they can be much heavier than when large. Therefore, in order not to be innocent, there are some mistakes that you should avoid, which can reduce its usefulness.

Single wall kitchens

If you want to change the kitchen or make reforms, ask the professionals in your area for a non-binding offer, they will advise you so that the work goes perfectly.