Lighting and decorative lamps | reform plan

When we decorate our house we have to pay attention to some details so that everything is to our liking. One of them and very important is everything that concerns lighting. In this section we find two concepts: On the one hand spectacular lighting from home and from others the shape of it This is an interesting article because combines functionality and design, every interior designer’s dream. In this text we will examine both aspects. We will discuss the effectiveness of natural and artificial light. How can we also include? decorative lamps in different rooms our house.


Natural light

Enjoy natural light in our house It’s something to be sought out and encouraged. Aside from being useful for saving energy, sunlight fills our homes with life. To do that, they have to make the best of it natural light inlets. Whether large or small windows.

A good influx of natural light must also be accompanied by an interior design that makes it stand out. With that in mind, contemporary design in neutral tones is most flattering. For example, Colors like white, beige or soft gray tones They allow light to penetrate every corner of the house.

decorative artificial light

There will be situations where natural light will not be enough to illuminate our home, not to mention hours without sunshine. It appears here artificial light and its different materializations. In general, we mean the different types of lamps and lights that can be found on the market.

Today, many owners choose Choose lights for portholes instead of conventional lamps. It’s definitely an option gives a modern image of this room of the house or all of it. Seeing portholes illuminating the hallway, bedrooms and living room is the most normal thing in modern interior design.

On the other hand we can get illuminate the rooms of our house decorative lamps. In this sense, the market is on our side and offers us very varied models that adapt to many styles of decoration. Industrial style floor lamp in living room or retro lamps on the tables They still look good at night.

decoration and functionality

The lighting aspect is a good reminder that this is how it is in the house Decoration is as important as practicality. If we equip our house with it functional elements we will have much more comfortable spaces and natural products that we benefit from at any time of the day.