Lack of site staff

After the Covid-19 crisis that hit the reform and construction sectors and left many people in their homes longer, the number of reforms to accommodate more living space has increased dramatically. But construction personnel is now afraid of alarming labor shortage qualified that may delay or stop certain repairs or repairs in progress.


Workers, bricklayers, transporters, site managers, etc. are some of the professionals who do Companies look to the market. Although in 2008, after the real estate bubble burst, the total number of employed reduced from 2.8 million to around 800,000, it is gradually recovering and now reaches 1.3 million workers.

We are currently facing one progressive aging of the industry. The average age of the employees is 46 years; because it is so It is important to attract young people to the industry. It is important to help certain young people get to know this sector better and explain the benefits of working there.


The advice we can give to our professionals try to solve the problem of lack of quality staff are the following:

Search our directory of professionals

In our directory you can Find different companies in the industry they must have the same problem as you. You will see:

  • Company description
  • Photos and videos
  • Ratings (in our case they are certified ratings – we spoke to the customer -)
  • Links to your social and web networks
  • Find our MARKET

    We have again Introduced on the Professionals Marketplace They are looking for a company to work for or to offer their services as a freelancer for companies in their area of ​​expertise.

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    Cooperation with other companies

    It is very important to have professional colleagues with whom you make arrangements such as: I will give you a job (if you cannot accept it) You will give me a job (if he cannot accept it). Have you also considered outsourcing your employees at peak times? Perhaps you can help yourself if you come to a similar deal at this point as well. You already know that there is strength in unity!

    If you use STIMAT via the subcontractor mode, you can also easily collaborate between different professionals.


    Pull on the ear

    Communicate with your customers, friends, family or industry colleagues You want to develop the model. They will surely help you too they will deliver your message to others to find the skilled people you need in your company.

    Portals for work

    Finally, think about it publish your job offer in various portals with a description of the activities to be carried out, the working hours, the type of contract and the area in which you usually work. That way you can filter out who is bidding.

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