Kitchens with a peninsula: 10 photos to fall in love with

The kitchen This is one of the rooms where we spend most of the time designing it. It is important to know the properties and capacities of the space in order to know how to distribute and organize it. If it’s a large kitchen, it usually attracts a lot lay the island in the middle, which makes her the protagonist of everything. However, this is not always possible due to the reduced size. In that case you might be interested in what is mentioned Kitchen with peninsula.

The Kitchens with peninsula They are distributed with a point attached to the wall (like the traditional ones) but extend on one of the sides.

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When it’s your turn soon Reform of the kitchen or you do reform all over the house, you can start doing Calculations of how much it would cost you Then check out photos as we leave them here to explore for yourself and see if you care about peninsula’s cuisine.


Photos of kitchens with a peninsula

White kitchen with peninsula

In this case a Kitchen with peninsula open to the living room so the space is much more open. Using white for a place with such lighting also creates space visual magnificationMultiply the « visible » square meters of area.

White kitchen with peninsula. Photo: Raoul Sanchez

We leave another example of in second place white kitchen with peninsula. In the previous case, if the peninsula contained a sink, in this case it was simply chosen to leave a free space on the counter to carry out some type of activity.

White kitchen with peninsula. Photo: Arquigestiona

Kitchen with peninsula and hydraulic floor

Kitchens in general give a lot of play to their decoration. The floor is exactly one of those « toys ». And in one with the peninsula, it’s a lot easier. We really liked the one they played with Hydraulic plates to separate the rooms.

Kitchen with peninsula with hydraulic floor. Photo: Laura Coma Fuste

The game that they used to combine the peninsula with the table they ate at was very interesting and original for us. So Space is saved especially if the kitchen is not several square meters. They also play with very good technique to enlarge the space and that’s it. Install glass doors that on the one hand they manage to keep the smell that can come from the kitchen, on the other hand, when they are in glass, the dimensions appear larger. What do you think?

Kitchen with peninsula: Photo: Adapta from Nexus

Kitchen with black and white peninsula

If we used to talk about kitchens in white, now we are talking about the most common combination not only in kitchens, but also in decoration in general: Black and white. This design is also based on a kitchen with a peninsula and places great emphasis on it Facade and kitchen counter with dark black. This time they decided to place the glass ceramic on the peninsula and above the extractor.

Kitchen with black and white peninsula. Photo: Reformadisimo

More kitchens in Black and white. Again, they choose black for the countertop and some of the kitchen furniture. As you can see, the combination is very repetitive but elegant at the same time.

Black kitchen counter with peninsula. Photo: Studio Zentro Cocinas

Kitchen with wooden peninsula

In the kitchen, they sometimes rely on colors that are similar to wood. This is the case with those who choose to place countertops either from this material or by imitation. And even do it in white kitchens This is a very good solution.

Kitchen with wooden peninsula. Photo: Studio Zentro Cocinas

More kitchens with Wooden table top. In this case, a triple color combination is carried out: white, black and brown wood. As a smaller peninsula than in other examples that we have given, here you have chosen an ordinary peninsula without a sink or ceramic hob.

Black and white kitchen with wooden peninsula. Photo: Asturmal

Classic kitchen with peninsula

In this case, what we can see in the kitchen furniture brings us classic kitchens. However, with this peninsula with wooden top and sink, they gave it a modern touch. What would you say?

Photo: Fermix Construcciones

Another example of a classic kitchen where space is combined with more traditional decoration. They also chose white as the tone for his furniture Wood countertop, an option closely related to the most rustic and traditional design, this kitchen reminds us of that.

Classic kitchen with peninsula. Photo: three interiors

We hope to have given you some ideas for designing your new kitchen. If you’ve never thought about a peninsula kitchen, maybe it is time to ask the reformer, right?