Kitchen tiles: ideas – solution for the home

Kitchen tiles don’t just bring a style change to this part of the house. Its main job is Protect walls from high temperatures and moisture which is generated in the environment.

Currently on the market you can find a wide variety of materials with qualities that meet some of the requirements of an elegant kitchen. What should you watch out for with kitchen cladding?

Things to Consider Before Choosing Kitchen Surfaces

One of the most demanding environments in the home is the kitchen, and heat and humidity can be key factors when choosing a material for wall cladding. However, there are other things worth checking out before settling on one.


Silver usually carries grease all over the room, including the walls. Especially those closest to the heater or kitchen. General cleaning should be done frequently so it doesn’t stay spotless. Therefore, the best material for this area is the one that is easiest to clean.


The material we choose to clad the kitchen walls must be resistant to the cleaning products we use. It should also be able to withstand high temperatures if it is close to the kitchen and the humidity of the surrounding area.

Calculation of the surface to be coated

It is important to know the area of ​​the walls that will need to be covered with the coating in order to calculate the cost of different materials.


If you want to coat kitchen walls, you need a professional. Especially when the previous coating needs to be removed. It can also mean that the furniture needs to be moved.


One of the elements that we need to analyze before buying kitchen cladding is style. Walls should follow the same style guidelines as kitchen cabinets and custom floors. In this environment, which is most frequented by family members, everything must be harmonious and functional.


A key element of the style is the color of the walls. Because with light colors it is possible to have a visual effect on space and brightness. The finishing touches to the style are undoubtedly given by the furniture with its color, texture and workmanship.

Coating materials for the kitchen

Each material that is used for the cladding of the kitchen walls offers different qualities, here we explain the special properties of each one.

Cheaper kitchen covers


One of the cheapest materials for covering kitchen walls is paint. Remember, it is suitable for this harsh environment.

The most widely used are plastic and acrylic paints because of their quick drying properties and resistance to moisture and high temperatures. Some have an antifungal composition that is ideal for kitchen walls and ceilings.

A more modern option is blackboard paint, on which you can leave messages, a shopping list or special recipes. If there are children in the house, this will be their favorite place.


Wall murals are an alternative that is only suitable for bedrooms or environments other than bathrooms or kitchens. There are options for painted vinyl wallpaper these days that offer great durability when cleaning needs to be done.

It’s a great economical option that can be combined with other types of materials. Only the wall should have a smooth and even coating, so that the installation will take longer.


Vinyls can quickly change the environment by offering colors, shapes or phrases that transform a place into a unique space that is completely personalized to your liking. To do this, it must be determined that the material is resistant to cleaning, moisture and heat, so characteristic of the kitchen.

More durable kitchen cladding


One of the newer materials for kitchen walls is tempered glass. It is perfectly resistant to heat and moisture and is also easy to remove stains. It can be transparent or painted in a variety of colors.

One of the properties of tempered kitchen glass is that it is prepared as a car windshield. That is, in the event of a breakage from a strong impact, it is easy to repair.

Ceramic coating


From the most economical options in material and processing, we have developed into the most durable ceramics for modern kitchens. the persistence What contributes to moisture and high temperatures in kitchen ceramics cannot be compared with previous materials.

Aside from that, Cleaning and maintenance This material is very simple. Ceramic kitchen tiles are available in different colors, textures and geometries to create a perfect design on your kitchen walls. There are several types of kitchen ware, including tiles, porcelain, and stoneware.

Black tone tiles

Floor tile

One of the most modern types of tiles is rectangular, with beveled edges and high gloss. Although it is also there matte finish and in a variety of colors. The durability and cleaning of kitchen tiles is undisputed.

Another characteristic of this material is that it is the most economical kitchen ware. Venecitas kitchen tiles help to connect patterns, divide or shape different areas of the kitchen.


Porcelain stoneware offers greater impact resistance, is waterproof and its texture makes it easy to clean. In kitchens with porcelain stoneware tiles, it can be seen that the joints are well hidden as the size of the mosaics can be larger than other types of kitchen ware.

They come in a variety of colors and designs, including kitchen china marble. Here you can know the cost of labor.

Stone products

One of the most popular coverings for kitchen floors is stone products due to their resistance to water and high temperatures. Therefore, it can also be used on the wall.

Available in a variety of colors and textures, some of which simulate Wood grain Oh Natural stone. The large size of the parts allows for more efficient cleaning and a reduction in seals, which can be ugly.

It is ideal for dressing up from the floor to the height of the kitchen fire and from there to the ceiling with other materials such as paint, vinyl or wallpaper.


One of the most expensive materials for kitchen wall cladding is marble. This material achieves a modern and elegant style. On the other hand, it can create a cold environment, so it is associated with materials that add heat to the environment, such as wood.

This material is very temperature resistant and waterproof if you are receiving appropriate treatment. The shine diminishes with use, so polishing should be included in the maintenance from time to time.


Another material that is widely used today for coating modern kitchens is quartz. The beauty, sophistication and durability of this material make it one of the ideals of modern kitchens.

Rustic kitchen tiles


Wooden cladding for the breakfast bar

One of the most commonly chosen materials for kitchen furniture is wood. In this case, if it is chosen as wall cladding, then furniture with stainless steel cladding must be chosen.

Thanks to wood, simplicity is achieved in the processing of the cabinet stainless steel Sophistication is achieved. Perfect combination to achieve a warm and cozy style with kitchen tiles.

The secret lies in the external protection that must be protected from the humid and hot environment.

Concrete or cement

One of the most rural and cheapest materials is concrete, which is increasingly being used in walls and kitchen countertops. The key to this material is its low cost, texture, which ensures easy combination with other materials such as wood, stainless steel and marble.

One of its properties Leak-tightness, ease of cleaning and durability
moderate heat as long as it is not direct. Know the replacement cost of a square meter to update the style of your kitchen.

Rustic kitchen cover

Exposed brick

A very modern option that gives an industrial flair and brings a lot of individuality with it is the rustic, open brick kitchen cladding. They can be seen directly or painted in sequence for a different and unique effect.

This material does not tolerate heat or moisture wellTherefore, it can be placed on the top line of fire and combined with other more durable materials for the bottom line of fire.

Another option is to cover a wall outside the cooking area. It belongs to the group of porous ceramics, which is why it should be processed as quickly as possible.


Granite is one of the classic kitchen coverings. The structure of this stone allows it to be propelled inward rustic and warm styles. If properly handled before installation, it is very easy to clean and scratch-resistant.

A detail to note with this material is that it is more expensive and heavier than other materials currently used in kitchen wall cladding.

Natural stone

Rustic material options include natural and artificial stone slabs that add color and structure to the kitchen. Placing the stones on a cement base reinforced with fiberglass makes them easier Location and security to avoid their separation.

This material is hard, compact, durable, waterproof and very strong.

As you can see, there is a wide range of materials for kitchen cladding. All you have to do is choose the style and choose one of them or combine them to create a unique and warm atmosphere for the whole family.

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