Kitchen tile ideas for 2022

Matte light gray tile

We have always recommended textured gray tile for a kitchen floor and are now seeing a strong upward trend in textured gray tile sales. Our rationale for the recommendation is that gray is such a neutral color that it can be easily combined with other colors, making it a safe choice if you are remodeling your kitchen. There are very few colors that go wrong with gray, so choosing a color can be quite adventurous. We generally recommend lighter colors with a gray to make your rooms brighter and fuller as this will add life to your space. Our Signature Light Gray is a great example of a universal gray tile, it goes well with darker colors like matt black or anthracite, but also compliments a pretty cream or white. Or our Cipriani Gray is another good choice and a cheap tile compared to our Signature Light Gray.

Another great benefit of gray tiles in your kitchen is that food can fly off when you cook, but the gray is dark enough to hide food and grime stains, yet light enough to let you know where to clean up up close . .

Typically, matte tiles should fall to the floor as their textured surfaces provide some slip resistance that will help prevent slips or falls that can lead to injury. And since there is a risk of splashing water when cooking or cleaning in a kitchen, the risk of injury increases. This is especially true in bathrooms as showers can send water flying anywhere and if you’re in a rush to get to work on time it can be a disaster.