Key moments for comprehensive reform

When we are determined to a Integral reform In our home, we must remember that in a few days we will not be doing more than Choose between different options. Although we have a very clear idea of ​​what we want, often it is not possible and we need to have a secondary plan.

How much does it take to renovate your home?

Because of this, it is best to comment on all of them. Changes are made at a previous meeting or something like that, because that way we make sure that what we want can come true. And what is the new image that we want for our house? So we’re going to comment on some of the ideas that emerge in a major reform.

Open kitchen

It is very common for home repair work to be chosen You knock down the wall This separates the kitchen from the adjoining room or from the living room or dining room. While it may seem shocking at first and how much work it is, the truth is that it is an option. will significantly improve the image of our company.

The most important thing is that we receive much more freedom and in which the feeling of space and holiness will be more than palpable. In addition to visual improvements, practical aspects such as open kitchen This allows us greater mobility between the rooms.


Another aspect to consider is floor. One of the current trends is Use parqueteither natural wood or laminate, which allows a nearly identical image to be obtained at a lower price. One of the main visual advantages of choosing parquet in spaces like living rooms or bedrooms is this We will have warm and welcoming spacesbecause that feature gives us this type of flooring.

In addition, with the treatment that is carried out in current production processes, we can even choose the color that best suits the overall look of our home so that there are none no problem to combine it with the color of the walls, furniture or textiles.

Get a budget to reform your home

Integral reform

Once you have these clear options, the work can begin, on top of anything that requires major reforms. As a Total renovation The most normal thing is that it will take anywhere from one to three months before you can enjoy your new home. However, it is worth waiting a bit for your home to suit your tastes and style..