Is it worth investing in thermal insulation? Reform plan

In our country there are about 20 million households with poor thermal insulation. Some of these buildings are not sufficiently insulated due to their age, others simply because of the savings in construction. Anyway, it’s a subject that isn’t obvious (although it can be seen in your pocket) so many don’t give it the importance it deserves or consider it important to have a good heating system. However, when someone is cold the first thing they do is get together, right? The same thing happens with your home.


Then we’ll give you 6 serious reasons for this Thermal insulation in your home is a good investment, we tell you what advantages it brings you and how easy it is to finance it.

1- Save the heating bill

Perhaps the most important point, a question that will surely cross your mind as you read this article. It’s one of the major expenses of a household, some 1132 euros average heating per house and year. If you assume that 30% of this energy flows through poorly insulated rooms, you will save around 400 euros per year if your house is properly insulated. That means you end up in wastewater that wastes a third of your annual heating budget.

2- More efficient living

The final savings, however, are much higher, 30-75%, than once the house well insulated Less energy is needed to keep the internal temperature. In other words, your home will be more energy efficientwhich is very important today with the growing awareness of the use of resources. A well-insulated house also gets better Energy class.

3- Noise reduction

The use of thermal insulation also improves sound insulation in most cases. Materials like rock wool or double-glazed windows are both Thermal and sound insulationits use therefore affects both properties of the property. This is how you earn directly general well-being and comfort for the House.

4- Multiple choices

Fortunately or unfortunately, no one agrees which type of insulation is best and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. This means that there is a a variety of materials available for all budgets and tastes. From ordinary rock wool to expensive heat reflective materials to expanded polystyrene to decorative insulation … there is a wide choice and anyone can search until they find the option that best suits their needs, project and economic viability.

5- You can gain new rooms

Having a thermal insulation project in your home can save you a lot more welfare and costs Spaces that you have not yet used or that you consider uninhabitable. Attics and dormersThese are, for example, places that serve as thermal insulation on the roof of houses and are therefore not used or limited to a storage function. With a good insulation of the ceiling it is possible to breathe new life into these rooms, to win a new stay for your home.

6- Easy financing

As I said, you should view the insulation of your home as an investment, not an expense. Even more with all the advantages that we have presented so far. We have seen how households pay an average of € 1,132 per year for heating, of which up to 75% can be saved. In other words, you can save up to $ 850 per year.

You can Request a non-binding budget to get an idea of ​​the cost of insulating your home. Suppose you choose one Investment of 5,000 euros in thermal insulation

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