Insulation for 1 €, myth or reality?

In France, offers for insulation work at a price of 1 euro have been discussed for several years. They are offered by companies on their Internet platforms and by telephone acquisition. If it is possible to insulate your attic for 1 euro, what about the external insulation? Who can benefit from renovation grants and what are the real tools to get insulation work done without bankruptcy?

Isolation for 1 euro: We separate the true from the false

Insulation at 1 euro is a commercial offer that is ultimately not available to everyone and for all professions. Effectively, this offer is not only dependent on your tax income, it is also intended for inexpensive work.

Thus, the remaining amount to be paid is never € 1 for an external insulation point. Only households whose incomes do not exceed the resource ceilings set by the National Housing Agency (ANAH) can approach a minimum reliefbut without coming to the symbolic euro. To curb abuse, the government has effectively set a cap on aid. In fact, in the best case scenario, you have a 10% remainder of the amount of the services to be paid.

The different tools available

You can currently reduce the scope of your work thanks to energy bonuses, MaPrimeRénov ‘and local help.

Energy bonuses

Households that want to insulate their house from the outside can receive a bonus in connection with energy saving certificates (EEC). This bonus is distributed by companies that produce and sell “polluting” energies that have to compensate for this pollution through energy-saving measures. These companies, which are also referred to as “obliged”, thus support individuals in their energetic renovation work.

The energy premium standards must then be complied with when building the site. In particular, it is important to contact a professional certified RGE, such as, Expert in insulation solutions.

MaPrimeRénov ‘

MaPrimeRénov ‘is state aid granted to owner-occupiers or non-occupiers who own a building in France that has been completed for at least two years. The work must also be entrusted to an RGE-certified craftsman. The amount granted is based on the tax income of each beneficiary and the number of people living in the household. If you submit your request directly online, a table will be provided to inform you of the category to which you belong.

Financial help MaPrimeRénov ‘is usually limited to 20,000 euros per accommodation over a period of 5 years. A minimum amount of expenses has been set, which is also linked to your tax income. In the best case, this balance to be offset is 10% of the website’s amount. Please also note that the cost of external insulation is limited to 100 m².

Help from local authorities

We don’t always think about it, but local communities can be abundant in your project. So, inquire at your town hall or municipality, they can help lower the cost of your job. Also, don’t forget to contact your department and regional council, they can also be a driving force in this process. Interestingly, this local aid, although generally minimal, does not fall below the aid ceiling imposed by MaPrimeRénov.

In short, financial help to insulate your home has never been more interesting. However, don’t expect to spend as little as € 1 on outside insulation when the out-of-pocket system is in place. However, it’s a great way to empower both businesses and owners while improving house insulation and, therefore, greenhouse gas emissions!