Inquiries: What should be considered?

It is very important to consider 6 main points before accepting an application.

When you open a request, partial information about it is displayed. However, this information is enough to decide whether or not to accept it. Remember that once the request has been accepted, the corresponding credits will be deducted.

You should consider the following:

  • details: Read the details of the job carefully. This information can vary depending on the occupation involved. This field can sometimes be long or short, depending on what the user enters when generating the query. It is important to read it and not take requests that a person may not be qualified to handle.
  • ■ Zone: Here you know in which area the work is required.
  • The consultation has started: Here you can see the date on which the user initiated the request. Taking into account the details and your professional criteria, you can decide whether or not you will be on time to send a proposal. For example, a suggestion a week after something urgent like a power outage would not be sensible, but a budget for painting a room would be reasonable.
  • Number of offers requested / accepted: Each user can request a different number of estimates. On average, they want 3, although they rarely want more than 5. It should be made clear that the more professionals accepted the consultation, the less likely your proposal will be selected, but at the same time the cost of the consultation is lower. Of course, a good profile enables you to be competitive, even if many providers have accepted the advice.
  • Contact information: An email and usually a phone number are included, although some users choose not to provide this information for privacy reasons.
  • Demand for value: You can see the credit value of each application before you accept it, as well as the number of credits you have available at that time.
  • You need to consider and evaluate the six factors together before deciding whether to accept the application. It is not recommended to look at just the details or just the value of the request.