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If you read us a lot, you will find that we often give you ideas on how to reform a house, bathroom, kitchen … or build a new house. We mainly focus on pricing because we know this is a common question: how much does kitchen reform cost? What does a bathroom renovation cost? What does a comprehensive reform cost? are some of the articles that get the most visits.

But you are not always looking for houses for production or for reforms, recently there is a fashion that is more and more developed and that of Prefabricated houses. Indeed for some reason we talk about them but now we want to do it from Low prices affordable to save for more bags.

Think you can buy a prefabricated house for less than 50,000 euros? We will see.

75 square meter house

If you don’t want a mansion but prefer a smaller, neat little house where you can live peacefully in any area, this option may be of interest to you. Look what They provide you with this house. But don’t let its size fool you: it has three bedrooms ideal for your family or even can accommodate guests whenever you want.

Price: 22,991.00 euros

House of 129 m2

On the other hand, if you need something bigger, this option is great too. He has 129 square meters In this case, the house is L-shaped and creates 35 m2 of space that can be used as a terrace.

Price: 41,311.00 euros

38 square meter wooden hut

If you prefer a cabin over a prefabricated house, this is another great option. For example, think of these 38m2 that will allow you to equip your space with all the conveniences that any other home can offer.

Price: 18,437 euros

43 square meters house

This 43 meter house Square should also be considered if you are planning to install a prefabricated house on land without making a large investment. With two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom, you should have a comfortable stay.

Price: 13,999.00 euros

Bungalow with 21 sqm veranda

A very interesting option if you are looking for a place where you can not live continuously but experience certain times of the year or spend time there on weekends. This bungalow At 21 square meters, it will be an ideal place for being shut out from the city and having everyday problems.

Price: 5430 euros

If you’re thinking of building small buildings and prefabricated houses have crossed your path, we hope you enjoyed the options you offered. However, you can reach out to someone in your area who can guide you on the matter.