Increase security by repairing your home

When we reform, it’s usually for improve the aesthetics or functionality of the house, but we can also use and implement security at home through the following changes and recommendations that we will give you as part of the reform:

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Security or armored doors

Most unauthorized interference occurs through the front door. So if we are considering changing the doors or completely reforming our house, we should consider changing our door to make it more secure.

Anti-theft windows

Whether our home is on the ground floor, first floor or as a single family home, after you have decided to replace the windows to improve the sustainability and energy efficiency of your home, you can double the solutions and add extra security.

There are several options, from the classic arrangement of the grilles on the outside to those with a locking lock (key handles, locks for sliding sashes, closures for blinds, etc.).

Anti-theft technology

We could also benefit from Anti-theft technology. It is not an essential part of our safety, but it is very useful and will make us safer not only when you are not home but also when you are there before bed.

Among these systems we find alarm, the most classic component if you decide to improve Home security. Alarms have evolved over the years from those that warn with a sound to enter the control panel, to alarms that not only record and warn, but also act by generating smoke that reduces visibility in the event of theft .

Whatever the reason for reforming your home, what is important is that it makes you happy and improves the quality of life for the roommates. You can request a budget for the reform plan and contact up to 4 professionals in your region free of charge.