In this way you avoid misunderstandings with customers

It is necessary that Avoid misunderstandings with customers therefore all experts agree that a good communication is important for satisfaction Owners and most importantly to avoid disagreements between the two in preparing for housing reform.



Explain the workflow from the start: manage your expectations

Communication for how your company is performing in the reforms it must start before starting work, so it is very important to explain in detail what it is made of every phase of reform that will take place and answered all questions.

  • Using your initial budget, explain how you work to potential customers and plan the reform
  • Add to Planning or total time how much work has to be done and how long it can take
  • Explain step by step why the duration and which jobs is carried out in this activity

Once the budget has been approved and the house has been visited to take the measurements and meet the client, repeat the previous points, but already personalized in the reform you want to carry out.

If necessary, Repeat the information several times. Send it to him or print it out with all the detailed information. It will help you keep nothing up and clarify the way you work. Be transparent! But the most important thing is to deal well with your expectations, or in other words: not to sell your bike

Do not hide owner information

This second point may be obvious, but it can be Failure to address minor inconveniences for the customer can lead to unnecessary conflict. In general, there are three areas in which customers need absolute transparency:

This means that you should always be completely honest about these three points in the event of changes or additional requests by the customer. We recommend that you take the following measures:

  • First, Send budget to customers so that there are no mix-ups when paying
  • Second, if applicable Change of delivery time the work and what are the deadlines?
  • Finally, describe in detail how it can be the final result

It is also important to document everything that has been agreed and nothing is left via word of mouth. Do not forget I always send you an email about a conversation or a change with all agreed details and the customer replies with a confirmation or both parties keep a copy of the agreement of the change signed by the builder and the customer.

Don’t hide the delay of the project

The third important question that we need to talk about is Time it takes to start work, change phase, or report a problem and we’re late

  • Talk to the customer honestly and declares that there are times of the year (summer, Christmas, Easter, etc.) when the arrival of equipment or products is delayed and does not arrive on schedule.
  • Let our customers know that in order to run efficiently we need: Preparation time so that you have the necessary equipment
  • If the problem is due to an unforeseen event that we did not have, we need to contact the customer as soon as possible, but with Alternative solution

Conflict with your customers

If the communication was clear and transparent in all phases of the project and you have documented the agreed solutions, shouldn’t happen Complaints or claims.

If chaos arises, he has to wonder what the problem is and make sure it is a workmanship or finished quality issue. If this is the case, care must be taken. Achieve customer satisfaction, but if this is due to decisions made by the customer, you should upload the documentation with your review and confirmation from the customer to demonstrate your professionalism.