Immediate renewal budgets: pros and cons

With tools like STIMAT you can now assess your customers immediately, easily and precisely. If your prices are met, you can get a really accurate assessment of your work in less than 1 minute, as long as you don’t have to do unusual things for a technical or price inquiry.


There are also advanced Excel users who do something similar with macros and programming, but they need to be very experienced. Is everything golden that glitters? How can you benefit from it?

Interactive STIMAT price adjustment offer for the same visit

Benefits of offering instant updates for renewal

  • The main advantage is the shortening of the sales process, Possibility of negotiating with the customer at the same time. When it comes to repairs, in many cases the one who calls or delivers the budget first takes over (we know that because we have been looking after the second most important MARKET in Spain since 2012). It is more difficult to convince the customer, whether second or third, to be first. And that’s because people are naturally lazy…. The following assumptions, if the former has convinced you, they usually confirm that the former is above the market price.
  • The second benefit, which is also very powerful, is that if you have the right tool and you can adjust the price right away You can leave that first visit knowing what the right price is for you and after driving the nail on the head. You will be able to have a profitable budget.
  • And the third benefit is the time savings: During your visit, you should take notes (in writing or mentally) of all your client’s inquiries. Make no mistake about it, you rarely start budgeting the same day and anything that you have very fresh upfront gets watered down over the days. Not only that, you also get lazy and quit. Coming into the office with work almost done is mentally different. Starting from scratch, taking your template and editing it, calculating quantities, etc. is not the same as starting with the first budget that all you have to do is refine it.

STIMAT creates elegant and attractive offers quickly and free of charge

Disadvantages of offering instant reviews for renewal

Many of you think that making an offer right away is very dangerous because you have to confirm the prices, or you are wrong and grab your fingers later, or just make a very different offer than the first one you made, which is that Customer trust. Customer. They. That’s right, you take that risk, but if it’s so powerful it will close the sale faster than the others, Is there a way to minimize the risk of errors?

  • In your model, not only control the customer’s price, but also your margin. So if you want to offer a trade discount, you can see if you have a sufficient trading margin. Remember, you need to know how the trading range is calculated. With budget programs like STIMAT you have a margin, and with Excel you also need to create a column with a well-calculated margin.
  • Have an up-to-date price base with the market prices of the desired main products and the discounts granted to you by your dealer. Why is that so important? Because in this way you can currently offer or research products outside of your employees that meet their needs.

Graduation :

We recommend you I urge you to quote immediately, with your desired system, be it Excel or STIMAT. And the things that are already more complicated because you say they should be budgeted separately. On our side we are constantly adding new STIMAT functions So you have fewer and fewer articles that are not included in our automatic budget and key figure generator.


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