Illuminate the outside of a magazine facade

Meet some Expert advice for the lighting of outdoor areas and the creation of spectacular facades. A very important factor in decorating our home is good lighting in each area. You need that combine the effects of natural and artificial light. In this way we help create amazing surroundings and unique styles.

One of the places that can cost a little more to decorate and light is on the outside of the house. But don’t worry, if we consider a few tips, we can illuminate the outside regardless of the type of facade.

We have a wide range of lighting fixtures for every type of space. They are available in different shapes, sizes and tones. All you need to do is choose the best ones to make the exterior of the house well-lit. And then adjust them to the style we want to achieve.

How can you illuminate the outside?

In order to illuminate the outdoor lighting, we need to divide the facade into zones. Starting with the walls, garden and stairs among other environments.

Illuminated walls

Usually we have a white wall on the facade or on the terrace. What we can bring to life by installing lights. These points can shine upwards, downwards or on both sides. We can even use lamps of different hues in case we want to make them more modern with cold light or simpler with warm light. If we place them correctly we can create a very original and unique environment.

If you are unsure of where to place the lamps or what type of lighting to use, we recommend consulting an experienced electrician.

Create special rooms

Most houses have many special places like fountains, halls, stairs, or just one plant like palm trees. With the help of good lighting, these areas can be transformed into special rooms. That way, they will stand out and be much more attractive.

Light up the garden at night

You have to be careful here because when it comes to lighting the garden, it’s not about filling every plant in the garden with lights. This work must be delicate and careful. Because we only need to focus on the details, paying special attention to the area where we are going to focus the light. For example, we can place lights that illuminate a tree or shrub that is important to the garden because of its size. We can even add a little colored light to give it a different touch and create an eye-catching effect in this room.

Discover construction details

It is possible to have a wall or floor made of stone or some other material that stands out during the day. But when the natural light disappears, the magic of that area disappears. To highlight this area at night we can use certain types of lights. For example, by strategically lighting a stone wall, we can add a more rustic and warm touch to the exterior of the house.

Install the original lamps

When we mix the imagination with the objects that we can use to illuminate the outside, we create unique spaces that we will not find in any other home. One way to do this is to use old or original lamps. In addition, we can create a relaxed atmosphere if the lights we choose are warm, accompanied by some decorative elements that follow the style.

Focus on the details

Thanks to the lighting, we can highlight every detail that we love in the garden, on the terrace, in the garden or in any outdoor area of ​​the house. This detail can be a piece of furniture, a plant, or even statues. Every detail can look amazing at night if we give it a good source of light.

Light the way home

The pathways to the house are one of the areas we can highlight when we want to illuminate the outside. If we have a long or even a short walk but we want to make it stand out, we can achieve this by placing one of the different types of lighting for that area. For example, built-in lights, brand markings or LED street lights. In this way, they not only give us a decorative touch, but also offer us security. If we have to take this road in a vehicle, the lights will guide us so as not to deviate and thus avoid damaging the garden.

Knows electrical reference price Professionals who can give you ideas that solve the lighting of the exterior of the house.

Light the stairs

Good stair lighting is important not only for decorative purposes, but also for safety. Because with the right lighting, we can avoid all kinds of accidents. For sufficient lighting of the external stairs, we can use a good common light source that does not create shadows and illuminates perfectly. Another option is to illuminate each step individually with recessed wall lights on each side.

Install hidden lights

We call recessed lights. They are most often used for decorating the exterior of a house, as we can place them in different ways in almost every corner of the exterior. That way we can focus on the plants or other details.

Combine different types of lighting

One of the tips for decorating the exterior with lighting is to pay attention to the combination of different types of lighting. We can combine different types of lighting fixtures as long as they keep the same style and thus create a great decorative effect. Therefore we can use direct and indirect lighting lamps with lights built into the ceiling or walls.

Light up the facade

By highlighting the architectural details of the house, alley, or even garage, the view of our home becomes spectacular and modern. To do this, you have to be careful and place the lights in strategic areas.

Light the front door

The entrance to our house has to be well lit, because you have to see the front door perfectly. The brighter it is, the safer it will be.

Light up the pool

If we have Swimming pool or swimming pool We can make it appear on our terrace at night. One technique is to put lights on the same walls or outside. Another option is to place several outdoor lanterns to give a different style to this room of the house.

These simple tips will give us a basic idea of ​​how to light up the exterior. The design of the facade of our house resembles an architecture brochure.

In the next article we will give you some tips for modern facade renovation.