I have 20,000 euros for the reform. What can I do?

If you asked yourself this question exactly with the number we marked, stay, this article will interest you. We’re going to see some of the work that you can do at home on this budget. In any case, you can expand this leeway to 30,000 euros, then we encourage you to browse the article Complete reform for 30,000 euros This is how you can see the difference in work that can be done on a budget or another. And if you want to calculate it yourself directly, you can do it here:


Reform the bathroom

With every major renovation in a house, always appears Bathroom and kitchen. Let’s start with the bathroom. Imagine it is a bathroom 3 x 2 We are going to change the floor and coating (laying the tiles), water pipes, toilet, sink and all the faucets. We will also remove the bidet to save space.

How much do these jobs cost? According to the Plan Reforma calculator 5 226 euros.

If your bathroom has different dimensions or you want to do other work there, You can enter it and calculate it yourself.

I want to calculate the price of my bathroom renovation

Reform the kitchen

As mentioned earlier, the kitchen and bathroom are two of the most common budget reforms. If we have already done the calculation for the bathroom, now let’s go to the kitchen. Let’s look again at the features and dimensions of the kitchen, which we will take as an example. In this case there are dimensions 4 x 3 and we will do the following work: Replace furniture, replace faucets, appliances (including hood, oven and hob), replace counters, electrical plumbing, floor and tile, and replace the sink.

How much do these jobs cost? According to the Plan Reforma calculator 11 297 euros. However, these prices can vary based on the size of your kitchen and the work you plan to do in it. Would you like to do your own calculations?

I want to calculate the cost of renovating my kitchen

That’s roughly how far we have 16,000 euros invested in the renovation of the bathroom and kitchen. What can we invest the remaining 4,000 euros in? What matters is that we offer you different options. Now choose the option that best suits your home conditions or that you need to start reforming your home ASAP.

Paint walls

In this case, we calculate the cost of painting the walls of a house 120 sqm with 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms and 2 common rooms. You will not do any additional work, e.g. B. wallpaper the walls or leave some walls with exposed masonry. Only the walls are being painted.

How much do these jobs cost? Depending on the price calculator, some 2,047 euros.

However, if, as always, you want to do your own calculations, we recommend that you do so by filling in the details of your home and the jobs you want to do.

I want to calculate the price for painting the walls

Change floor

Again, for reference, we take the same dimensions as above: 120 square meters, 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms and 2 dorms where the floor is replaced with the installation of synthetic parquet.

How much do these jobs cost? Depending on the price calculator, some 1,669 euros.

We invite you again to make calculations according to the size of your house and the type of floor to be laid: marble, PVC, parquet … Depending on your choice, the price will vary.

I would like to calculate the price for the floor change

Reset the doors

Another option that you can confuse is to switch doors. At this point, however, you can do several installations: Modify Wooden doors, paint or varnish. In this case we will choose to replace the wooden doors. On the other hand, if you want to paint or varnish them, all you have to do is do your own calculation.

How much do these jobs cost? Depending on the price calculator, some 1,294 euros.

Again, we invite you to do your own calculations using the link below and choose what interests you most.

I want to calculate the price for changing the doors

If there is a direct need to contact a professional in your area, you can have them visit your home, take the measurements, and give you a final budget.