How to vent the radiator – work is in progress

Now that the cold seems to have finally formed between us and our heating systems are already set up, we must not forget one of the most useful and recommended tasks in terms of energy saving as well as bleeding radiators.

What is the radiator bleeding?

Bleed the radiator removing air in it to function properly is also a task that you have to do Every year.

From 2 points they will obviously remember him.

  • SHE radiator it does not heat evenly, a to the top you will be less hot cold.
  • Do you hear bouquet as gout or bubbling when the heater is on.

Where does this air come from?

One of the main reasons why objects are filled with air empty which are implemented end the heating season and filled at the outset it is therefore appropriate to use this period for radiator maintenanceto avoid emptying and charging during the heating season.

In installations that do not empty during the summer, water will be damaged and air bubbles will appear.

What do I need?

It is a simple task that does not require special skills or classy tools, all you need are:

  • THE flat screwdriver And you can use a 2 or 5 cent coin when you are not around. If it was too heavy, use it key.
  • THE container to collect the outgoing water.

Steps to follow

  • Find the trap, is located on one side of the radiator.
  • Put the bowl under the drain so that when water starts to come out, it doesn’t fall to the floor and stain the wall.
  • Insert a screwdriver into the drain slot and start turning slightly so that it does not stay in your hand, you will hear a hissing sound coming out of the air and as soon as the water starts to come out, you can close the valve.

Useful tips

  • That’s where it starts radiator plus near the boiler.
  • If the house has several floors, it should start on the top floor.
  • If you want to avoid the task of cleaning every year set automatic traps in the radiators and they will take care of moving the air for you.

If you still have problems after cleaning the radiator, the solution may be more complex and you need professional help.

Have you ever cleaned your radiators? Tell us your experience to help you.