How to unclog pipes in Bordeaux and the entire Gironde

Pipeline problems are usually emergency situations, and it is difficult for non-professionals to solve them by themselves. These problems are mainly related to the blockage (total or partial) of various wastewater discharge networks (toilet or sewer). Therefore, it is important to unblock the pipeline to make it work properly. Therefore, you can use several solutions. This is some of the content in this article.

Unblock or pump septic tanks with dredging company

You can solve the pipeline problem yourself. However, quality does not always exist, and you are not immune from the deterioration of the situation. Therefore, if you are in Bordeaux or Gironde, whether it is unblocked, pumping or other plumbing problems, finding a plumber in Talence is the best way to get quality service. In order to dredge your pipeline, the dredge company has qualified personnel and appropriate equipment for:

  • Manually unclog the pipe by removing the plug;
  • If manual dredging is invalid, water solidify the pipeline;
  • Perform camera inspection or video inspection to analyze the nature of the plug;
  • And maintain your pipeline.


In addition, you can also perform sanitation work with the help of professionals. The latter can:

  • Pump the septic tank and connect it to the sewer;
  • Replace the grease trap or degrease the grease trap;
  • And replace the faulty sewage pump.

In addition, maintenance is recommended to avoid clogging the pipeline. As a result, the company provides regular cleaning and cleaning services.

Tips for dredging pipes at home

If you can’t get plumber services right away, there are many tips to help you unblock the pipes. After trying the liquid dredge or suction cup, the result is not as expected. You can use other simple and effective methods.

Use wet vacuum

A wet vacuum cleaner can be an effective tool for removing blockages in drain pipes. Start, You must put it in a vacuum and form a tight seal at the pipe level. With its powerful features, the vacuum cleaner will be able to suck corks. However, please note that this method is usually not successful, especially for larger traffic jams.

Tips for using hangers and hot water

Here, you need to straighten the wire rack as much as possible, and then make a small hook at the end.You just needInsert the wires into the pipe to release as much material as possible (Or different kinds of residues). Then you can start to pour hot water into the sewer to remove the remaining water.

Vinegar and baking soda as a tip

For clogged pipes, you can choose a mixture of vinegar and baking soda (1/3 per cup). It is a mixture that emulsifies immediately. Use this emulsion to quickly pour it into the pipe. Debris and grease that have accumulated to form the plug will be removed. You can also perform a hot water rinse.

However, the best solution is still good maintenance of the pipeline. Don’t throw it all away!

In short, in order to prevent leakage and maintain a healthy lifestyle, pipes must be unblocked. Obviously, if there are some tricks for doing this, the best solution is to call an unimpeded company, especially if the problem is serious.