How to track your customers when you know when and how often they open your budget

Do it Follow your housing budget is a fundamental part of being able to close work. Traditionally, it is an art that a good salesperson knows very well the importance of closing a customer. And it’s an art because there isn’t a specific rule or number of days to wait or how long it takes to insist on a prospect feeling, the situation, etc.

However, with current technologies, there are tools that make this task easier. The Information is power What if we told you that? Now you can know how open your budget is. How would you stay STIMAT is the first 100% professional budget work and repair program that specializes in housing construction. This program allows you to send the budget to your client online and know how often it is open or not.

Of course, if you don’t want to use this feature, you can email him a PDF or print it out on paper and send it to him. In the first case, you will never know if he checked your budget (at most you will know that he opened the email with certain payment programs that allow it). In the second case, all you know is that you received it, but you don’t know if you studied and evaluated it.

On the other hand, if you send your budget to your customers online, we can see if they visited the budget and how well they interacted with it. And that is then an advantage for you (and even for your customer) You will be able to follow efficiently and with respect.

This functionality, which STIMAT includes in its two payment installments (Metro and Laser), enables:

  • I am looking How many times has your customer opened a budget?. This feature is updated once a day at 12:30 p.m.
  • Guess what real interest of your potential customer: If a customer doesn’t even check your budget in a few days, it’s because they don’t care much about you. On the other hand, he is very interested if he doesn’t stop visiting. This is also useful if the work is postponed for a few weeks and all of a sudden you find that the customer has opened it again. It’s time to reconnect!
  • Do it Effectively track when you press: If you find that a few days have passed and your client hasn’t checked the budget, you can send them one SMS to make sure you have it. If he saw it and it’s been a few days since he saw it and didn’t say anything, you can reach out to us by asking what you think. If you find it is very active and you check it out every day, you can leave it « silent » for more days.


As you can see, she will continue to watch and close a work, it will continue to be art, but with information that art can … become magical. We leave you Video showing sales techniques to take advantage of this functionality that our director Laura Nunez has prepared for you.