How to save water in the garden

Since the garden is another part of the house and we spend more time there when the weather is nice, it needs watering and maintenance to keep it in good condition. With some of these tips, which we describe in detail below, it is possible to keep the garden in optimal maintenance and water-saving condition:

Water the garden as needed without over or under watering.

Since under-watering is by no means the answer, when it comes to plants in the garden, the ideal is to strategically place them according to their needs (wet, medium and dry areas) to automate watering and conserve water.


Place a bucket or container next to the outlet that directs the water from the roof so it falls straight into the container.

Water less with the mulching technique.

Place mulch or leaves at the base of the plants and it will take time for the moisture to evaporate.

reuse water.

You can use water that you use for your daily chores, but one that doesn’t contain chemicals that can harm your plants.

plan irrigation.

You can schedule watering manually or with a timer and avoid watering during the day so the moisture doesn’t evaporate and the plant can absorb the moisture naturally.

type of irrigation.

You can water with a hose connected to a faucet in or around your garden, or with a watering can, which is good for small plots or when watering in pots.

You can do drip irrigation, which requires plumbing and high-quality water, but is 90% more efficient.

It is ideal for trees and shrubs and adapts to any type of garden.


It mimics rain and requires the installation of pipes to operate properly, increases humidity and is up to 75% effective. It wastes less water and is a very useful system for large gardens.

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