How to save on heating without losing comfort

If you’re a certain age – and we don’t call you older, you’re a person with a lot of experience – you’ve probably thought about how you’ve ever thought about how the heating world went. it changed from centralized systems that breathing still made it difficult to inhale the heat they generated. Besides … you remember how hot the radiator was school when you visited me without realizing it? There are a few people here who admit to being burned like this buttocks. 😊

Fortunately, custom gauges and thermostats have changed the landscape. But there are still those who question us about certain aspects of everyday heating use. Today we will try to solve them that a economic savings and rational use of energy resources, together.

Break the false myths about heating

If you want to control the heat in the house, put your hand on the heater, and if it is not warm enough for you, it intensifies the heat … We are sorry that we spent your energy and money!

It is not necessary to burn to maintain an accurate and comfortable room temperature. It’s a false legend! You will also increase your account for no reason: for each step, when you increase the temperature of the thermostat, its consumption increases by 7%. Yes, you can take out the calculator! You will see how to make sure you stop the bad habit of turning on the heater appearance when you get off the street and switch to a more rational street: leave the radiators at a comfortable temperature – About 20 degrees – A few hours.

But … why do I have them invoices, if a neighbor pays half?

Heating tips 2This is another classic question you ask us. Repeat: turn on the radiator vadul And waste of energy resources,, source of pollution and of course: a unnecessary financial costs for your pocket.

But it is also possible to use energy rationally and have a bigger bill than Pei, the third neighbor. We will explain to you some agents that make you understand in a simple way.

The location of the house is one of the key factors

Something we all know will remain Southern exposure benefit from hours of direct sunlight. For this reason, they save more energy during the day and require less heating. That in case isolation they are in good condition. Because this is affected by another factor: a house with damaged windows or siding has greater difficulty retaining heat.

Another strength height: the first floor – or last floor – retains less than a fifth of the heat. On the other hand, a third, if in place – if not inside – will receive direct sunlight for a long time.

Occupation and use of home: another aspect to consider

It should be borne in mind that an apartment for 4 people does not need as much heating as one with one person. On the same way room size effects: the larger the room, the more use it needs.

Finally, if your children have become independent and no longer use their room – or if we have a guest – we recommend turning off those radiators or controlling them with thermostatic valves to achieve minimum consumption, as they usually do. not. create life.

Common sense, applying the best savings system

Heating tips 3As you can see, there are many factors that affect proper use of heating. It is best to know the circumstances of your home and take them into account avoid bad habits as:

✔️ Continue turning the thermostat on and off.

✔️ Open the windows to release the heat. If necessary, turn off the heating if you have a thermostat or control the radiator valves.

✔️ After poorly tuned radiators in every room.

Try the test to put these tips into practice and compare the next bill to another month where the same weather conditions occurred! We are safe notice the savings and you will be comfortable (or more). You will also contribute reduction of polluting gases, which we are trying to take care of in Saincal. Because although it is true that there are alternatives to renewable energy, due to terrain or other technical reasons, may not always be applicable in practice. But apply common sense for the benefit of the planet and your pocket is available to everyone!