How to safely install a shower in 5 steps

Safely installing a shower tray in 5 steps may seem like a dilemma, but with these simple step-by-step steps you’ll see that it’s possible. Since it is important to know how to install a tub-shower combo, since the bathroom is one of the most intimate places in your home and where you often spend a lot of time, doing it yourself is not only possible but also saves Money to do it with more care and love when it comes to your home, and the time you have to invest in the above tasks doesn’t seem like too much has been done by anyone outside of you.
It is therefore very useful and a very good idea that you have decided to embark on the adventure of installing your own shower.

Steps to installing a shower tray:

room measurements.

The first thing you have to do is measure very well whether it is a replacement or a new job, it is important to avoid mistakes and loss of time.

adjust the drain.

Pay attention to the position of the drain to avoid possible leaks this can render all the work done useless. So: the shower tray has a matching drain pipe, if you need to adjust it, you have to Try to have enough room to insert your elbow or add an extra hose to maximize tray drain measurements. To do this we recommend that you first place a board in the hole to indicate where you will be placing the drain head in a specific way.

Prepare the surface.

With the room decorated and the plumbing installed, it’s time to prepare the base for installing your shower tray by applying plaster, taking into account the height of your tray. You can do this in two ways:

First. Prepare the base so that the board rests well on the ground, which is more aesthetic and must be done well so as not to cause problems later.

One second. This is the safest option and consists in the fact that the slab comes off, so you have fewer problems because you only have to level the mortar base and no irregularities are required because the slab already installed is able to evacuate all the water. You need to make sure the base is level and dry well before placing the plate on the drain, otherwise the plate will warp and you will need a new one.

Placement and connection of the container.

You should already know how to install the platter and the hardware that connects your platter to the base. And it’s nothing more than a polyurethane table, because it’s special, the top doesn’t allow any other type of waterproofing, so it’s the perfect option, put it on the base and install the top on it and everything that remains , is to connect the drain collar to the pipe, fasten with screws and Check that the tubes fit together perfectly.

dense and dry.

You need to Close the joints to prevent water from leaking out. It’s also important to properly seal the screen if you have one installed.

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